hi everyone I joined this group just after Christmas , with early copd , yet again I'm heading for another chesty cough , it started last night , I must admit I had know information from the doc , so I am some what in the dark , tho I have googled it all , I have this emergency pack , that I have just bn given , how long do I wait before I start his pack , it may sound a silly question , but its not to me , thank you xx

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  • Has your sputum changed colour ,do you feel like you need to start them. If si then start them, catch it before it gets worse. Let us know how you get on. Bernadette 😊 xx

  • Hi gingercracker i have c.o.p.d and I'm at the docs tomorrow but i havnt bn given an emergency pack can you tell me what its for I've heard a lot of people say they have a pack for emergency also had to Google it when i go to the doctors for a check up all they do is get me to blow into a tube i dont know what that is for but thats all they do to me lol

  • hi Valerie01 , sounds like you have had no information like me , I don't even have a check up , had xrays & its confirmed that the copd is in bottom of my lungs , & my heart has not enlarged with all th coughing , tho I have just started to get swollen feet & ankles , that's when I was given this emergency pack Valerie 01 ,first doc said come & get one if cough gets bad , then he changed his mind & gave me it then & there ,that is why I ask people on here for their advice, as a new cough has started again , the people are great & try to help you , I also hope my little input has helped you to , x sorry the pack contains antibiotics & steroids x

  • Oh i get swollen ankles and I've put waight on i just put it down to getting older lol thankyou for your reply it has helped me

  • Not a silly question at all. If you feel you are getting worse then start the emergency pack. Good luck to you and feel better soon. Xxxxx

  • Hi gingercracker, it's not a silly question and it's sometimes very difficult to tell at the beginning what will get better or worse. If you feel unwell and feel it's on your chest start your pack. Hope it goes well, Sue x

  • If you are feeling unwell then take the advice here and start your rescue pack. Hope you feel better soon

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