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Dry cough

I have a very dry cough which is causing a lot of pain in my chest. I feel like I need to cough something up but whatever is there seems to be just sitting there. I hardly sleep and this is a problem because I work. Also, I can no longer lie down to sleep. I was taking Benylin yesterday to see if I can shift it. Not sure if it's related but I had shivers and then hot sweats all night. I have one more sleeping tablet for tonight - I have work tomorrow. Sorry for rambling but does anyone else have any of these issues? Susie

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Hi, have you had your GP listen to your lungs to check for infection?

You've just described how am when I have an asthma exacerbation. The more you cough the tighter the airways become & need ventolin to help open them to relieve the coughing. (Perhaps copd-ers with say the same).

It does sound as though you need a medication review to make sure you're on the right ones for you.

There was a pursed lip breathing clip on your last post, sometimes I can do this for a while to calm my airways and incessant coughing. It also helps with calming anxiety.

All the best, hope you make it back to work. P


I have an appointment next Tuesday so will speak to her again. I have seen so many different doctors and nobody seems to be able to get me anywhere. I use the breathing exercises and particularly pursed lips which certainly helps. I have just reduced my hours so I'm doing three days a week instead of five, mainly because of all the time I've been off sick with this


I've recently started nebulising saline solution 0.9% and this helps shift sticky deep seated phlegm.


Thank you, I will speak to the doc again. I have received so much help and advice on this site and nothing from doctors! It seems I am having to suggest things to the professionals.


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