I could cry.........an update

Firstly I just want to say to all of you who took the time to reply to me yesterday, it was very much appreciated. Just knowing others share your frustration and understand how these things can knock you makes everything a little bit easier. So I phoned the appointments line the girl listened to my concerns and put me straight through to the consultant's secretary. She apologised unreservedly saying the consultant had to take emergency leave for personal reasons. She said it only happened once before in the 10 years she was there and they had tried everything rather than cancel appointments but as it is very specialist there really was nothing else they could do. She urged me to stay in close contact with my respiratory nurse and assured me that if a cancellation came up I would be the first to be offered it as I'm a new case. As one of you said health professionals are human too and they or their nearest and dearest get ill too, we can forget this sometimes. I feel better now knowing its for a legitimate reason and I've picked myself up and dusted myself down and will get on with things as best I can until my appointment. The support I received from you all was invaluable....thankyou.


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  • I'm sorry, I didn't see yesterday's post but what a lovely follow-up. Hope you are feeling much better.

    Best wishes

  • I am thanks. 😊

  • So glad you're feeling better about it now. Fingers crossed there'll be an early cancellation x

  • Yes indeed Dedalus thankyou.

  • Hi Bronagh. So pleased that you're feeling much better about the appointment and nice to know that you were dealt with in the right manner.

    It'll be here before you know it. Take care. Pam XXX

  • It will indeed Pam, thanks.

  • That's good Bronagh. Consider yourself dusted and hopefully things are on the up for you very soon. Stay strong. Xxxxxxx

  • I will Sassy 😊

  • Hello sassy 🍫xxxxx

  • Hi there Sue is that chocolate l see? Yum!

    How are you doing? Xxx 😘😘

  • Thinking about you, my friend and I have lots of chocolate for you 🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫 Take care of yourself xxxxx

  • Thank you Sue l am doing well. Hope you are feeling better and l will tuck into the choccie.

    Take care xxx 👍

  • So glad you are more reassured now. Take care and let us know how you are please xxx😊

  • Thanks Damon, I'll keep you all posted.

  • Well now you know you are waiting for the best man for the job and they are not prepared to have a second best standing in for him. :-)

    Still bad having to wait, but like uncouth people like myself say......sh*t happens.

  • That give me a laugh Don!! And that's a good way to look at it, thanks.

  • Just shows that you really need to know. Of course doctors are human too and have their difficulties, but we have all had that feeling when you think 'how dare they go away, I need them'. I am glad you have been reassured and I do hope your cosultant's problems are sorted out too.

  • Well said! Thanks so much.

  • Frustrating but I think it left you feeling a bit better?

  • It did Katinka, thanks.

  • I'm so pleased for you. Look after yourself, have lots of Easter eggs and the time will pass. Sue x

  • It will indeed Sue, thanks.

  • Hi Bronagh, we all understand that, consultants can have emergencies or be ill, like the rest of us but what I don't understand is why those unfortunate enough to have appointments cancelled end up at the back of the queue again! My suggestion would be, if all appointments on a Wednesday were cancelled, then move the patients to the following Wednesday and keep moving Wednesday's patients back a week until you reach the point where no appointments have been made. People wouldn't mind moving back 1 week. Yes, I know the hospital would have to send out new letters to those affected but it would be so much fairer.

    I expect there will be lots of reasons not to accept my suggestion but cancelled appointments really do need a re-think.

  • I agree Helen, a rethink is needed!

  • Sometimes we have to chase things ourselves as doctors & consultants get bogge down with work. If something is taking too long like my CTScan i send a note to surgery when ordering scripts. Hope you are not waiting long God Bless XC

  • Thankyou Christabella......I hope so too!!

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