Will I ever get him back

Hi Everyone it's Johnsel's wife again. I know his problems with COPD will come and go but my main problem is his high dose of steroids and the side effects, it has left him with absolutely no interest in anything. It's completely changed his personality, he has no conversation anymore. Will it get better when, hopefully, he will gradually be weaned off them?

I love reading all your posts they are so helpful to me and the fact that you all seem so cheerful gives me hope for John


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  • Morning johns wife, l do feel for you as pred can cause such horrible side effects. I do remember Pete being short tempered and depressed but the symptoms us seem to taper off over time. I do hope that life will improve for you and John soon. Can he speak to his GP at all it can you? Sending hugs and good wishes to you. Xxxxx

  • Thank you Sassy however we live in Spain now and they seem to be more in favor of high dose steroids than they do in the UK. But good to know that Pete did get more like his old self.


  • I am Carole too Carole. Take care xxxx

  • just to say snap I am another Carole - great name eh ? and to say I too was given massive doses of steroids in Spain which really did my head in got paranoid, and had all sorts of unusual thoughts but as I was eventually aware that these emanated from the steroids I could control them - it might be worth just reminding your husband that the strange thoughts, the paranoia etc. are a result of the drugs and not to be taken too seriously as they are not him, and not real - it helped me to control them and accept them for what they were so may help him also. Hope so. Also of course try and get the Doctors to wean him off the high doses as soon as possible and explain your concerns. Good luck. xxx

  • Thank you Carole that's given me hope that things will get better when he eventually gets weaned off the steroids. The side effects seem to outweigh the benefits Hope you are feeling better now and thank you again.

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