Many thanks for accepting me in HealthUnlocked.. I am 67+ and as such with retirement , I have a lot of reading time. I like reading the articles and if there is any advice I can give, I would, the same with me accepting others help and suggestions.On September 2nd 2016, I was totally breathless and felt terribly ill, I was admitted to the hospital and discharged on the 3rd in the afternoon ,after having an angioplasty done., and they found 3 blocked arteries, one was at 99%. The others were at 74 and85%..

Went back into hospital on 4th November and had a stent fitted on the 99% blocked LAD, as it is called. They also did a CT scan of my lungs and told me that I have a very fine trace of emphysema and I don't need to go to the pulmonary clinic. Now I have just been told that I have medicine induced diabetes. I'll call it for now

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  • Welcome Raptorabz nice to hear from you. You have been through a lot and l hope you are getting all the medical help you need.

    I care for Pete who has sarcoidosis and COPD and had a heart attack in 2007 which required 3 stents.

    I wish you well and hope to hear from you again, xxxxx

  • Thanks Sassy59, I was always suspicious of the COPD. The breathlessness came on suddenly after a flight back from Singapore to UK. In October 2014. I was being treated for COPD with all kinds of medications and I kept telling them that it was not helping me. They just would not believe me, they kept on trying everything available for COPD., till I fell seriously I'll on2nd Sept. 2016, and then it all changed. Now being a diabetic, my whole lifestyle changes again. They still want me to use spiriva and salbutamol . They told me that although you have very slight emphysema , spiriva will strengthen your lungs and salbutamol if needed. I still haven't seen much improvement and with PMR hitting me. I hope things get better.


  • Hi it's true what they say - getting older is not for sissies. I hope you are feeling a lot better now. x

  • I am very slightly better, but the PMR is hurting me . I am hoping that they will get me in for stents for the other two arteries.

    Many thanks coughalot2, I hope you are fine and feeling good.


  • You are very welcome. My friends hubby had a stent put in many years ago and he is still fine. I hope you continue improving as it's horrible to be in pain. Take care. x

  • Thanks very much coughalot2, can only hope to get better.


  • Yes I reckon I have medicine induced Diabetes too ......

  • I am sorry that you have medicine induced diabetes, the whole frightening thing is they checked my blood 1 week before surgery, NO Diabetes, they checked my blood at 9am on the3rd of Sept.2016 before angioplasty, I had no diabetes. But by Sunday ,I was admitted to the hospital as a severe diabetic. They called it medicine induced diabetes. It's very worrying.

    Take care jjnanna.

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