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Doxycycline Antibiotics

I was diagnosed with pneumonia 5 weeks ago Had 3 lots of Antibiotics it now has nearly cleared but I have a mass on the bottom side of my left lung and have been in chronic pain for 3 days The doctor described Doxycycline as he said its pluresy or he thinks it is. I took first two tablets over an hour ago . Not got sickness but hot tingly feeling in my body. And bit light headed is this normal does anyone know.I also am on lots of tablets for Arthritis . I take omeprazole just need some advice on how to usr these tablets properly.

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Were you supposed to take two together ! Usual dose is one, twice daily but I am aware that sometimes doctors prescribe double antibiotics for the first dose

The hot tingly feeling and feeling lightheaded does seem like you're having a bit of a reaction to the tablets. Hopefully it won't last for long and do check the exact dosage before you next take them.

Doxycycline often causes a bit of gastric pain and discomfort. Make sure you don't take it on an empty stomach and if necessary, it's okay to take it with milk.

The other thing to remember is not to lie down for about 45 minutes after taking it. You don't have to be active but you should be sitting up.

Hope this helps.


Doxycycline starts with two tablets on first day, then one daily, with food, and a glass of water.

Follow Jenna's advice. Hope you're feeling a lot better soon. Sue x

And welcome to the site - sorry I should have said that first! Hope to see more of you soon.


Are you sure its not what they call consolidation of the lung which I believe can happen after pneumonia or scaring ,pluresy affects the lining of the lungs .I would ask for a xray to be sure has both conditions are agony .My husband takes Doxycycline he said that you shoudnt take your Omeprazol until two hours or more before or after your antibiotic and dont take statins while you are on it .He does get a bit of bad tummy with them .Also if you have a xray ask them to check your ribs has they told me I had pluresy and I was in agony it turned out I had broken two ribs with coughing so much .I hope you feel better soon xx


I always break up the dose, Sue. Even though I can take very high doses of most antibiotics, two Doxycline together, Would make me feel quite unwell. And I take two daily for 10 days.

Grobborob, are you taking 100mg capsules ?


Hi, do remember to take your Omeprazole at least 1 hour before a meal. I take mine as soon as I awaken so by the time I have bathed, cleaned my teeth, brushed my hair and dressed it is time for breakfast.

I have always had Doxycycline prescribed to take 2 on the first day then one a day.


Hello G

The best thing you can do is call your pharmacist or GP and, Explain your symptoms before you take any more


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Hi what medication do you take for your arthritis. I take Leflunomide and sulfasalazine. And when I have to take antibiotics I have to come off my arthritis medication

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