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Not sure what to do???

Not sure what to do???

Hello... I haven't posted in awhile but need some advice. I had a cough all day yesterday and then last night my cough was so painful with a fever. Today I have been in bed all day and still have painful cough with fever a wee bit of congestion. Everyone I know has a fever and congestion with a cough. My question is should I go to the doctor to get some antibiotics or should I wait to see if this passes. Not really sure what to do... first time I have been sick since being diagnosed with copd/emphysema. I'm so thankful to be able to come here and get advice...still haven't told anyone that I have copd.

Also I have been using symbicort 2 puffs twice a day... yesterday and today. Besides that, maybe once or twice a week.

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Hello FreshFlowers good to see you.

If you have a viral infection, antibiotics won't work but see how you feel and make an appointment with your GP.

It might be an idea to tell people you have COPD as they need to be conscious of your health problems.

Feel better soon, xxxxx


Hi, do you have a reliever inhaler? Usually blue, as well as your symbicort.

Viral things can often turn into bacterial infections so I would Deffo see the doctor if you're no better tomorrow. Ring up to say you need a quick appointment to have your chest listened to as you're unwell with a cough & fever and also have a lung disease - that's what I always say and I'm seen the same day.

Drink loads of fluid, keep taking your temperature. Good luck. P 😃

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