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hospital physiotherapy & improving life's

When my dad was in hospital with broken hip.

Was wondering how we could mobilise him with is walking frame.

Given threshold grippers in our house SO i looked for some skis :)

Well i found some and hospital physiotherapy team was clearly impressed with how my dad wiped round the house.

AS before i fitted ski's things was hap hazard given carpet floor stays and how is walking frame use to be WITH just rubber stopper feet.

Needless to say i waited till dad was home befoure i fitted them to his walking frame as DID not want dad escaping from hospital.

ANYWAY hospital physiotherapy team had never seen them befour and was that Impressed AND so much so.

They said others on wards at home could do with them and took information on them for hospital patents and those struggling at home with the walking frames.

How could i not share when helping others and those to stay at home or get home quicker.

Is great hospital physiotherapy team are intreated enough to help there patients and guess thats why i though worth a share if struggling with walking frame.

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glad he's home rubber feet a great idea have seen something very similar

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The work great n cheers

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Very pleased your dad is back home... I'm sure he is too. Well done with the ski bits! xxx

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Hi tee cheers ad like to think my ski motives was pure BUT.

He needs less supervision but is safe and i don't have to worry as much :) when he grabs his frame

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Perhaps you should have patented it Jeff? I am glad to hear your dad is home again.


Hi cheers was not my idea .. I just fixed a problem

But i could buy them up and sell to NHS or OTHERs BUT i would fail as have morals believe in greater good.

Guess thats why am poor and diseased BUT at least am happy


You are a gentleman. :)


So kind :) am sure my doctors or dads would not be so kind :)


Very inventive JeffAjaxSmith, I'm impressed both with your ingenuity and your kind and thoughtful ways. xx


Hi casper cheers i just found them on internet was looking for ski's hoping someone had invented them.

And the had and price was £2.65 a pair.

Am just happy hospital team going to help others struggling.


What a fantastic little aid, thankyou for sharing xx😊


That's a brilliant find Daz, fantastic. Well done you! P

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Hi peege defo agree and great help are was making me sweat dad was with way he shaped.

Just hope he dont ware his new hip out with all zooming about :)

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Great idea JAS and could help many. Thanks for sharing. Xxxxxx

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Hi sassy do hope .. I was bit sceptical at first.

But work great SO next challage is going to be tarmac as team going to get dad in out car buld is confidance back up.


glad to hear your dad is home and good he can get about , sound like you finding them and the physio seeing them it could help a lot of other people ,


Hi Mmzetor cheers n thanks .. I do hope others can benerfit and sure they will really as out that helps people moberlise frees up time and hospital beds


Great idea. Where do I get the ski bits from? My niece is a young physiotherapist down in Southampton. I could send her the details.


Thank you very much.

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You certainly ARE a gentleman and honest at that; I did a bit of comparison between costs for this item in Britain and here in the States at Walmart: the exact same pair of 'skis' going by the 2.65 pounds ($3.32 US) in your country actually sells for $6.92 US here (5.52 pounds, British); now...., you tell me how badly we in the States are getting ripped off.


(...I just went back and tried the link above, and got an entirely different results page on the Google search, so..., your results may vary, as they say...)

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