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Mums been on antibiotics for four days now and her cough seems to have got a lot worse than it was her appetite is still very poor and I've noticed that she is coughing a lot while she is eating I have had to cancel her home oxygen assessment as she has a chest infection so it's goin to be another 8weeks before someone comes out I've explained about mum not using her oxygen they said not to worry at this point wot does she mean and why are they not concerned about it is their something they are not tellin me it's disgusting x

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  • Dear Chezzyy66 , I honesty can't quite believe how you and your lovely mother have been "left" by the medical profession. Forgive me if I've missed posts,but I feel from what I've read,you/mum are not getting the full support you so deserve. I'm sure I'll be suggesting things you've already done- NHS 111 can they send a doctor round to make mum more comfortable? Are your Doctors doing enough? If you weren't there,what would happen. I wish I had something more constructive to suggest. Whichever way you must realise that you do your very best for your dear mum. Its so upsetting to know you just have no support. I think you are a brave lady and for that I praise you. Best regards.

  • I still feel you need lots more support Chezzy for your mum and yourself. Please phone 111 and get a doctor out. I don't like the way your mum is being treated and just left. You both deserve so much more. Xxxxx

  • Chezzy, I feel these problems of your Mum's are not being resolved. It's absolutely nothing you're doing wrong, but the fault of the medical profession not meeting her needs.

    Please call someone & get advice. Doesn't matter if you've already done that, just keep asking till you get heard.

    You need support & you need it now. Take care of yourself 🌺

  • You need to give her palliative care nurse a call tomorrow and ask her to come out to see your mum

    Your mum may need more oxygen with her having an infection so she really needs that checking, all they will do is take blood from her ear lobe so see if you can get that assessment done

    You can also ring the british lung foundation nurses for some advice 03000 030 555

  • Mum has no palliative care nurse even tho she is on palliative care and it's difficult with the oxygen as mums got Alzheimer's so she doesn't understand the importance so that's just a waste of time when I asked about a palliative care team from the doctors receptionist I just got oh I don't know how it works huh

  • Chezzy im really confused that your saying mum is on palliative care but has no palliative care nurses.

    If i were you i would ring your local council and ask to speak to someone from adult social services ,, they can come to see you and mum and do a home assessment to see what help and support you need and should be able to help a lot because i dont think your getting the support you need .

  • Yes it is disgusting the hospitals are bursting at the brim at the moment with this flu epidemic but what more can they actually do for mum that's what I always get she's got oxygen and now on antibiotics mums quality of life is very poor and she suppose to be on palliative care but she's gettin nothing they have also cancelled mums appointment with her consultant on the 30 January for reasons beyond their control and not had another appointment yet but now mum is to porly to attend so I'm stuck now who else is their mum wants to stay at home she doesn't want no hospice or anything like that I hope I never get ill because how mum just gets left is awful

  • Having read your postings over the past few weeks I am certain some organisation should be helping. Suggest you ring GP surgery tomorrow and ask for palliative care nurses. Also ring social services. You clearly need help to look after mum.

    One other thing you could try is to ring your local hospice. NOT asking for her to go there but they should be able to inform you who to contact for help.

  • Hello Chezzy66, sorry to hear things are not getting better with mum, wish I could help but you know it is upto your medics and it sounds like they are not very concerned. You are right maybe they are keeping something from you, who knows. Or they may just be overworked and not able to give the time you would like. Know this does not ease your concern or lessen the burden on yourself take heart that you are helping your mum best you can and hopefully things will be easier for you soon xx

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