Night head sweats

Does anyone have head sweats at night in bed I wake up every night my hair is wet and my pillows have to be changed constantly. I'm not hot any where else in fact my feet can be cold and my body neutral my face doesn't sweat either. I wonder if they have a special pillow that could help with this problem or if others have any advice how to deal with it. The cause can be a number of things such as Meds or my IPF or old age or a few other things so it's more about how to deal with it that I want advice about. Thanks 😴💤💤

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  • The only time I experienced that was during menopause and a friend recommended Starflower oil. It did help tremendously for that particular purpose.

    Hope that you get some answers.

    Good luck. Pam XXX

  • 2 things you can try.

    1. Look for cooling pillow on amazon. There is a pillow that has gel insert that is meant to cool down heads.

    2. When I was having night sweats a gp suggested large doses of evening primrose oil every evening. Used to take 1,500mg / capsules.

  • Apparantly head sweats can be a sign of vitamin D deficiency. Best get your surgery to test you. I hope that you find out what's causing it.

  • Hi. I just joined health unlocked yesterday. This is one of the symptoms I have mysteriously been experiencing. The first GP I consulted about it prescribed me a ghastly deodorant which had aluminum chloride as the main agent. It did not help at all. In fact quite the opposite happened. I came out in a hot prickly rash which took ages to settle down. The second GP I saw, has referred me for a blood test to check vitamin D levels. I am more concerned about the cause than the symptoms. Hopefully a result on that soon.


  • Thanks will try a couple of remedies vitamin D sounds good and gel pillow don't fancy evening primrose doesn't agree with me but will try anything to feel comfortable.😓💤💤

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