Exacerbation or not?

I have been suffering from a virus off and on for nearly five weeks. It is very prevalent and a great many people are also experiencing this. This is mainly a chest infection with added problems. Today, amongst other things, I experienced weakness both sitting and standing. Could this be an exacerbation? I have had COPD for four and a half years. Can someone please advise.

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  • Sounds likely. Have you seen your GP?

  • The viruses that are going round are making healthy people really ill so those of us with a lung disease just cant take any chances. I would make an appointment with your GP and take a sputum sample if you can. Hope you feel better soon

  • Hi I have been ill myself with something nasty just before Christmas. I was coughing convulsively but no obvious signs of a cold or chest infection. Then I got great fatigue and sitting or standing up was difficult. I felt very achey as well especially my back which was killing me. I took my ab's and steroids just in case and it's only really today I am feeling somewhat better. I felt better on the steroids then when I finished them it came back.

    There is a very nasty virus going round in my area so I guess it's that. I hope you feel better soon. x

  • Good morning Sherry,

    The virus floating about for the past few weeks is a particularly nasty one, that is taking weeks to disperse, even in healthy people. I'd contact your surgery because 5 weeks is too long in my opinion, to be suffering, and as Mandy suggests, take a sputum sample.

    Good luck, and I hope you are soon feeling much better.

  • I have had that since before Xmas, but it does pass I'm fine now

  • I got a his back in early November I think I left it too long before I went to drs result was that when I did go I was pretty bad. Two courses of antibotics and steroids for 10 weeks cleared it. I'm off steroids since Sunday and the cough is coming back. Moral or the story don't Take any chances if in doubt check it out

  • An exacerbation just means worsening of symptoms , its not an actual sickness or disease it just means your having a flare up in your sickness whatever it may be so if you feel worse than usual then that is an exacerbation

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