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Bronchiestasis exacerbation

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Hi🤗, I am just recovering from another exacerbation of my Bronchiestasis, after 3 courses of amoxicillin ( 2. 500 3 times daily for 2 weeks ) in the end doctor prescribed 6 day course of Prednisolone, finally feeling better in self apart from no energy and just wanting to sleep all day and feel really down , does anyone else ever feel like this, I just seem to pick up and then it hits me again🙈🙈.

14 Replies
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I sometimes get that feeling but I just try to carry on. But when I know I need help I get it, thankfully it's not that often. Will you keep us updated on how you are doing and remember we are all here for you. Have a lovely day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

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Samye in reply to Damon1864

Hi Bernadette, many thanks for your reply, I do try sooo hard but find it exhausting, just really want to curl up in bed.I nursed my late for four and halve years, and since then was diagnosed with Bronchiestasis and it just seems one constant battle.

I know there are so many people far worse off than me

And feel guilty for feeling the way I do.

Do you also suffer with Bronchiestasis?

Take care of yourself and Jack, and thank you again for replying.

I have a little Bella shitzhu

Who is wonderful company, never leaves my side.xxxxx

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Maybe next time ask for a different antibiotic. I found that amoxicillin didn’t work for me. I have doxycycline or amoxicoclav I think it’s called. I went through a spell of keep getting exacerbations. Thankfully I seem to be ok now. Take care x

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Samye in reply to watergazer

Thank you for your reply, maybe I should give that some consideration.Take care. 🤗

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kenta in reply to watergazer

I am in same position. Amoxicillin useless and now have to have Co-Amoxiclav for at least 14 days during the exacerbation and am on Azithramycin the maintenance antibiotic 3 days a week permanently.

Been good so far this winter as not mixing with coughs and sneezes. Stay safe everyone!

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With bronchiectasis you need 14 days of antibiotics and my doctor usually gives me Prednisolone. Amoxicillan just doesnt work for me and usually have Doxycycline. I think after infections we are usually wiped out so dont be too hard on yourself, perhaps ask your gp for a blood test to check on you B levels and get a good tonic, try to rest up as much as you need to until you are feeling better, although its good to get some exercise as well. Keep your eye on things, it could well be your infection hasnt yet cleared, if it flares again ask your doctor for a different antibiotic and for 14 days x

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It sounds like yet another doctor that has no idea about Bronchiectasis! The doctor should of asked you to do a sputum sample to send away for testing, to see what bugs are cultivating and to determine if you are on the correct antibiotic.

I would either talk with your doctor or change doctors and ask if you can do a sputum test to be sent for analysis, clearly marked "Bronchiectasis". This will show any bugs and the antibiotic needed to clear any infection just in case you still have the infection.

Once a chest infection gets deep rooted, I have found that it takes months to get back to normal. I would also ask to be referred to a Bornchiectasis specialist.

Hope you start to feel better soon.

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Hi Samye, I really hope today is a good day for you. I have bronchecstas and my GP now always does a sputum sample and several times has picked up bugs and changed ABs I find the ABs that work best are doxycyclin and for 10 days minimum. Amoxycyclin does not do much other than give me sickness and diarrhea. I find I am getting regular flare-ups lately and taking far more steroids and ABs. Kind regards Lara 😀

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I have IPF and recently had a chest infection I have an emergency pack of clarithromycin which I find suits me and does the trick Amoxicillin seems to be the medication that is prescribed as the antibiotic of choice I have been on Prednisolone 7.5 mg daily to help with my breathing, does it help, I still use a concentrator when doing any activity.

I live in hope!

I hope the future is good for you stay safe God Bless

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Exhaustion with flares and treatments can be so frustrating, going on for so long. So sorry you are suffering this way. One thing I might offer is finding a good vitamin supplement to take, as exhaustion can make proper eating difficult. I believe not only illness, but medications can drain the body of these elements. It might be good to inquire about checking your iron stores with a blood test, but especially ferritin level. Hope you recover soon 🙏

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I wonder why your GP continued to prescribe Amoxicillin when it was failing to do the job?

Also, did he ask you to provide a sputum sample? Not all GPs understand that this is necessary for patients with Bronchiectasis.

One recently questioned why I took a sample in and when I said my phlegm had become 'mucky' he said, 'You've got bronchiectasis - you will always have mucky phlegm.' I told him that I was following the guidelines given to me by my consultant. I also told him that my phlegm is not always mucky - it can be clear, white, green, yellow, copious or non-existent! He than accepted that a sputum sample may be a good idea.

A chest infection can knock you for six and some take longer to clear up than others. I certainly get very tired for weeks after having a flare up and it I find it hard going to walk to the shop, having to stop a couple of times on the way, even though on good days, the walk only takes 6 minutes.

The prednisolone can affect people in different ways. Sometimes it makes me feel as though I can move mountains and other times I feel exhausted.

Be kind to yourself and take it easy for a bit. Sleep if and when you need to. Make sure you keep hydrated and eat little and often so that your energy doesn't all get used trying to digest a big meal.

Once you have a bit more energy start some gentle exercise like walking, but don't expect too much too soon.

Hope you feel better soon.

xx Moy

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Hi, I'm sorry that youre feeling so poorly and down- which is quite understandable. Its been a tough time for you then the pandemic on top.Regarding amoxicillin 250mgs, it's really not on to be prescribing that to you Samye. It's not an adequate dose for starters - I was given 500mgs of Amoxicillin for 2 courses at the start of my woes 12/13 years ago, its never, ever worked for me. Only clarithromycin or doxycycline will do.

Others are right, with bronchiectasis the NHS guidelines are that you can have your sputum analysed for which bug it is and tge suitable antibiotic, also that you're under care of a bronchiectasis specialist consultant and if necessary prophylactic antibiotics at least during winter - many of us take Azithromycin 250mgs on Monday Wednesday and Fridays throughout winter which really really helps prevent bugs growing.

I do hope you can get proper antibiotics soon and begin the road to recovery.

Taking antibiotics also can make you feel awful while you're on them, I always take prebiotics during and after or at least live yogurt. P

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Hi, just been catching up, time of short when live alone and have to Nebulise twice daily for nearly hour each time, then sterilise equipment and do postural drainage. I was born with rare condition PCD, was diagnosed with bronchiectasis 55 years ago. Have kept own antibiotics for many years, and have had bad winter, on antibiotics for months. Always send sputum sample to GP to identify what germs you may have left after antibiotics. Only 3 that work for me now are Septrin Forte, Ciproxin 750, and Azithomycin. Yes they have tiring effect as well as infections, haven’t been out for months. Finished last course 10 days ago, and thankfully most nasties had gone. I’m hoping my car will start now better weather. Best wishes to you, Jean x

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I have just finished two courses of doxycycline and mucous has cleared up. Feel very tired but having just lost my husband that may be part of the reason. Now I would like my doctor to prescribe a rescue pack for me, fingers crossed! In retrospect, I believe I put up with an excessive amount of mucous for too long fore starting the doxycycline.

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