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I have been very wheezy lately. Not much of a cough but a few days ago coughed up some blood. Very small amounts over four hours. My Doc said this is acceptable with a chest infection, and to worry if you cough blood and don't have one. I'm still pretty freaked out about it and find myself constantly making myself cough out to see if there any more. I can't sleep for thinking I've an underlying lung cancer. I'm a 65 year old lady non smoker. Is it common to cough blood with chest infection?

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  • Yes very common. Please don't worry. You have done the right thing seeing the doctor and getting it checked out. It is usually caused by a small vein breaking in your throat and as long as the blood is bright red it is normal. You only need to worry if it is dark which means it's from further down in the lungs.

    It is very unlikely you will get lung cancer as 19 out of 20 cases are smokers or ex smokers. . The symptoms include losing a lot of weight, coughing up large amount of blood, repeated chest infections and clubbing and increased thickness of your nails.

    If it keeps happening though do go back to your doctor. If you are really worried then ask for a chest X-ray to put your mind at rest. x

  • Hello,

    I would recommend getting a chest xray or a ct scan to rule out any other possibilties. Also, a blood test would be very useful too.

  • It is common Magsann but if you are not happy and still anxious then ask for a scan. Take care. Xxxx

  • Hello. I borough blood when I have an infection just spotting really. But usually when I cough a lot. I so understand your concern though and getting it checked out will put your mind at rest. Take good care.

    Cas xx 🌸

  • Thank you so much for your replies. I feel more reassured now. Second day antibiotics now and already feel a lot less wheezy, and thankfull no more blood x

  • That's good that you're feeling a bit better. If you do have more problems with it do get things checked out. Take care of yourself. x

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