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Well today WAS due to go out AND could not go as i have been suffering bad foot planter cramps.

All muscals from feet to nee feel like not's when i walk.

Stoped me driving YOU do worry about lossing your independiance.

Think i trip to doctors might be in order AS i hope its not sign of lungs taking turn for worse .. just hope its my corn and pressure.

Anyone else know if corns can cause feet toe cramps

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I don't have corns but do get foot cramps which can be sooo painful. Get it investigated JAS just to be sure. Take care. Xxxxxxx


Hi sassy cheers defo think am going to have to.

Is horrendus the go like usless clubs

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I had a couple of corns I don't suffer with cramp but the wife does and she don't have corns , I found best way to deal with corns was to soaked feet well then scrape them out with a Stanley knife blade as long as you only do it on the corn bit it don't hurt


Hi cheeers i cant do that gives me willes just thinking about it.

Usaly i get foot people to get rid AM bit stiff in joints

Is bad can just get cramps out of blue.

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I went to foot women at gp surgery she cut the live skin with scissors I jumped that high of the bed I nearly hit the ceiling never went back again ,


When I worked in an Old People's home I saw what the chiropidist did to the people's poor feet. I wouldn't go near one.


Defo getting willes now lol

Think might try what azure as said

No foot cramps..but I have cooked my beans on gas mark 9! 😳

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Hi Tee is nice to know not alone lol

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Cramps are awful, Tonic water is supposed to help them. My husband tried it as he got awful foot cramps and it worked for him.


Hi cheers defo guna give a go tonic water

I've had foot cramps all my life, since childhood, caused by primary Raynaud's: nothing to worry about, just poor circulation. The treatment is to maintain a good core body temperature and keep limbs and face covered from drops in temperature.

Hi Jeff, cook my beans in the microwave but they sometimes explode that way, making a mucky mess to clean up. Get cramps in my feet put down to inhaler use. I have plantars as well as gout and arthritis so pain is par for the course as they say. Bought some cheap gel pads for plantars, wear NHS shoe liners for arthritis but still get pain in my feet when I walk especially if I go too far. Maybe you should see the Gp about this incase it is not your feet causing the cramp. As you say stress does not help pain or cramps so try to relax, I know easier said than done :) :) hope your dad is doing well.

I get atrocious foot cramps, get them in the calf as well, but mostly when I'm in bed and they can carry over to next day leaving sore areas. Someone on here put it down to inhalers; quinine (which I believe is in Indian tonic water) magnesium, potassium have all been suggested treatments -- has anyone had success with these? My Ma -in Law swore by keeping a magnet at bottom of the bed but it didn't work for me.

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