Pneumonia weakness

Hi everyone. I was diagnosed with pneumonia 4 days ago after second trip to dr. in 4 weeks. The first time I went Dr. said it was just a sinus infection and put me on low dose zpak, which didn't work. Went to walk in clinic Sunay very sick and short of breath. Xray revealed mild pneumonia and I also habe asthma, so I was trying to just treat the asthma at home. I'm on Levaquin, nebulizer at home, codeine cough med. After being sick 4 weeks already, and it's almost Christmas, when and how do I get any strength back. I tried walking around doing small things in the house yesterday and got so weAK and short winded, I fell slowly onto the floor. My husband helped me back to bed. How long does it take to improve? I'm 68 and a very active person when well. Appreciate any advice. From: Cateyes

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  • Hi Cateyes, even a mild dose of pneumonia takes a good while to recover from. I was told five or six weeks but in reality it took quite a bit longer. Try just doing short walks around, just a few steps maybe, with frequent rests in between. And as you are able, increase the number of steps and decrease the amount of rest as you get stronger. But don't rush it, you've been very sick and are weak now, so no climbing up to wash the windows for a while. Hope you feel stronger soon :)

  • Thank you, this was eye opening, but encouraging too. I appreciate your advice and a bit of humor too. I'm not a patient, patient, but I'm learning that I have to be right now. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

  • I to have just come out of hospital with pneumonia I had gone to the doctors the week before feeling really ill he said it was a virus to drink plenty and keep warm the dolling week I felt so bad went back saw a different doctor and before I knew it she had the ambulance on is way she wouldn't let me go home. It was quite a shock I had septis pneumonia spent 5days in hospital being pumped with all sorts home now very tired and weak they say it can take anything up to 4-5 mths before you feel like yourself

  • It amazes me how many peoplego to Drs., get sent home with a virus diagnosis when they have much more severe issues, such as ours, especially yours! I pray you will completely heal with time and rest. Sorry you had to go through this! Thanks for posting. Merry Christmas!

  • Thank you I'm feeling a lot better just so weak we were supposed to have gone to my sons in America for Xmas but there is no way that I could make that journey hopefully we can make it later on in the year.Hope you start to pick up have a very happy xmas

  • Hope the replies have helped you Cateyes and please do take things steady. Wishing you a good Christmas and a better 2017. Xxxxx

  • Thank you and yes, the replies have helped. It's nice to share and hear that other's understand what we are going through. Although, I'm not happy about the length of time it takes to get over pneumonia, haha!😊 Merry Christmas!😊

  • took me almost a ear to get over my pneumonia ( and 3 years on am NOT still right,I was 72 at the tme )However,it does get better,you nhave to kep moving as hard as it is............keep moving !!!! )

    Rob ( best of luck )

  • Yes, I try to keep moving, thinking it will help get my strength back,. My problem is I try to push myself into gettingwell, then end up back to square one! Merry Christmas!

  • No gently, gently, but like Rob says, do keep moving. You'll get there in the end. Think tortoise not hare :)

  • Hi cateyes, I was just wondering how many more days antibiotics you have left.

    Do you think you need another visit to your GP if you are not feeling any better.

    I have had pneumonia in the past , and it takes quite a time to get over it..

    Take care

  • I have 7 more days on the Levaquin 750 mg. I guess I should give it a few more days before calling my physician, you think!?..

  • Hi I had community required pneumonia dx on 2/11/16 was in hospital for three day had an X-ray of my chest on 7/12/16 and it had cleared up. Everyone is different. Hope you feel better soon

  • Thank you and glad you are much better! Stay well and Merry Christmas!

  • Merry Christmas to you too xx

  • Lots of lovely caring advice for you Cateyes, and I hope you will make a good recovery, by just taking your time and listening to what these members have to offer. Pneumonia is not pleasant, I have been there too. I hope 2017 will be kinder to you.


  • Thank you Jennifer - S! I appreciate all the loving caring advice! Merry Christmas and Happy 2017!😊

  • A warm welcome and Merry Christmas! I'm glad you were finally treated for the right thing. I don't know what has happened to the health care community - they just don't seem to care anymore.

    The healing process is going to take a long time, you're going to have to pace yourself and slowly build strength. If you rush you'll just end up taking longer to get better. Before you even get out of bed you can do leg lifts, do as many as you're comfortable with, don't push too hard at first. Keep a can of fruit or something near your bed for arm lifts. There are plenty of exercises you can do sitting down. Search YouTube and the internet for sitting copd exercises. Always stop when you feel tired, you can always do more later. Be diligent, do the exercises every single day! Your body will let you know, on a gradual basis, when it wants more. Do standing exercises starting with 5 minutes at a time, in place and holding on to something. All movement is good for you, such as, folding laundry, self-care, anything. Remember to eat healthy and drink plenty of liquids; water, tea, fruit juice, soup....

    Be Well!

    Krysta 😊

  • Hi ,I'm sorry to hear how poorly you are ,, but YOU WILL GET OVER THIS , I've had pneumonia several times so I know how you feel, I had had it again this time last year , I love Christmas and thought I was spoiling it for my family,,,as I wasn't well enough to go to them ,,,,,no problem they said ,,,they cooked Christmas dinner at their house and plated two up for hubby and me ,,,,and we sat and opened the presents ,,,then as I was tired they left ,it wasn't the Christmas I had planned ,,, but who cares ,, it made me realize Christmas IS just another day ,,, ,,,

    walking from one room to another feels like a hike ,it will take time I'm sorry to,say ,,, it can take weeks months before your over pneumonia, make sure your drinking plenty , I loved water with lots of ice ,, ,and resting ,but at the same time you need to move about ,not just lie in bed ,but only as much as you feel you can manage ,If you do have to go out ( which I wouldn't in this cold weather ) put a scarf on and keep it up to your nose and mouth so you breath warm air, that's it really ,,,take care my friend ,,,

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