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Central apnea A FIB CONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE.not treating central apnea .was on nocturnal oxy can't tolerate ASV of cpap 89 yo female

Mom 89 congestive heart failure now A FIB FOR A WHILE. for few years st least years but come back into sinus rythem in and out . I discovered centrsl sleep apnea myself when hen I was staying with her. Can't use A. S.V. OR ANY TYPE cpap sleep study all that stuff .dr put on nocturnal oxygen h. Got moved back in with husband we don't put her on oxygen against dr. Order my concern is with heart failure I thing it's double important to be on therapy .had several Tia mini strokes and blonde clot brain artery .I think the apnea is causing clots strokes s fib heat failure or the other way around .I want dr cardiologist and sleep expert doctor to share and work together .on her but no one will listen to me in family .there is med for central apnea and with oxygen j think so u ld make life longer and come general Dr. Wont do it .lve ask several nurses at hospital and nursing homes to tell doctor in charge of my concerns in last 6 months been in homes hospital all over last month's . No

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Hi, Fellman, that sounds a really awful situation for you and your mum. What country are you in, as that could make a difference to what people could suggest.


This sounds very difficult and a multi faceted problem for you. With so many things going on with you and your poor Mum. My thoughts are to try and keep it simple. Rather than taking on the whole medical establishment; first speak with her GP. The GP has responsibility and try to arrange a visit and get some plan of action. Get them to write it down for you as the stress may make you forget or mix up important points. If that fails, or you are not happy, speak with social services. It sounds, without knowing all the facts that they may need to intercede.

Good luck.


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