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Hello new member Mel909


Have finally decided to join, I live in west Yorkshire, and have been nearly housebound on my own some these past two months. My sats have been good, 95/98, but I haven't felt like my breath was coming too easily. Productive cough with the virus, that I was diagnosed with in Sept. Lots of antibiotics, steroids, etc. But still not feeling that great.

Finished steroids on Weds. They keep telling me I am alright because my sats are good, its worse at night, still SOB quite frequently.

will add a photo later...don't have any on this computer.

So hello..

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Welcome to our friendly site mel909. Sounds as if you need to see your GP again; two months is a long time to feel so poorly. What lung condition do you have? There are all sorts on this site and someone may be able to suggest something to help.

Hello Mel, a warm welcome to you 😁 sorry you are still feeling unwell and I think perhaps another visit to the doctors for you. Very pleased you have joined us, huff x🍏

A very warm welcome from a fellow W Yorks lass.

love cx

Another warm welcome from me too. And I agree that it would be a good idea to go back to your doctor. Hope you feel better soon. S x

Welcome Mel, nice to meet you. Horrid when thing go on and on, so yeah, Im with the others: Go back to your doctors and ask for more help. Hope you feel better asap :)

Welcome to the site they are a great bunch of peeps on here. Ask them for a spirometry test a good way to point them in the right direction.

Be Well

Another warm welcome from yet another Yorkshire lass. 😊😊😊 XXX

Welcome to the site Mel909 :), sorry to hear that you've been having such a rough time of it, perhaps do as others have suggested and go back to drs. Hope you begin to feel better soon x

Hello Mel and welcome to you.

Hope things improve for you soon and do keep in touch. Xxxx

A very warm welcome Mel. Maybe a trip back to your GP would be advisable. You seem to have been struggling too long.

Your sats are good but that doesn't mean you don't feel breathless. I'm the same, my sats are 97/98 & I understand what you mean .

Keep in touch & let us know how you get on 🌺

mel909 in reply to Jessy11

Thanks so much Jessy11, they have given me more prednisolone. Hopefully it will help, just feeling a bit tired now..

welcome to the group hope you find plenty of help and support on here there are some really nice people on here

Welcome Mel ! I hope you find lots of support and companionship here on the forum.


Hello Mel.

It's good to have you with us. Sorry you are not quite clear yet, so maybe think about going back to your doctor to get a bump start again, before winter sets in properly. If you have been looking in for some time, you will already see what a friendly, knowledgeable and helpful crowd of people are in this Group.

Someone is here most hours of the day and night, whether you have questions, or just want a chat:-)

mel909 in reply to Hidden

Thank you Jennifer, saw him on Friday. But did not prescribe anything, have to adjust after a lot of prednisolone reducing dose. Coughing a lot .

I will come here n get to know people, where are you?


Hidden in reply to mel909

Hello again Mel,

The coughing is debilitating. I hope it clears soon. I live in Lancashire near the coast.

Have a good evening.


mel909 in reply to Hidden

Hello again Jennifer,

I rang, and got a five day course of the prednisolone.

I wondered, as you live near the coast, do you find it is better there for your condition?

I have been thinking if it might help me, I am 62 at Christmas, and and now so fed up with spending my life ill so much. I suppose I have just had, a couple of good years, and so having this now, I thought it had gotten a lot more manageable, but two months stuck indoors, and I live alone. Going into the third month now, the GP just, says it's my condition, and its probably viral. But am getting fed up, with being passed around.

Different nurses and GP's at the surgery, A&E sending me home, as my sats are not too bad. But I am feel so ill.

It is hard to get heard sometimes, I must've seen at least 7 different doctors.

So now I have started a course of anti-depressants as well.

I understand how busy they are. But y'know, it looks like I will just have to go on this way.


Hello and welcome Mel.

Hi Mel and welcome to the site.

My sats never move even when I have a chest infection, I went to the GP with a chest infection it was a locum and he wasn't going to give me antibiotics then he listened to my chest and changed his mind.

mel909 in reply to onamission

Hi Dedalus, thank you for your reply.

Well, I have been sent home from A&E a few times lately, and made to feel like a proper time waster, as my sats were 97/98, but I was short of breath, they did nothing much, tested this and that. And sent me home.

Made me feel, I shouldn't ring them but just endure it.

How do you manage?

Where are you in the UK?

Yes thanks I will go back on Monday, but I have had everything still coughing .. from 3 or 4am till noon . Any suggestions?

Hi Mel, I'm new here too and live in West Yorkshire. I have been coughing for months and have inhalers. Had xray 6 months ago and no worries, but gradually got worse a and yet another inhaler. Waiting for another xray. It's no fun is it, so I hope you get some help soon. xx

Pam1952 in reply to sandiego

Hi Sandiego, and a very warm welcome from one Yorkshire lass to another. I live in Doncaster.

Hope you're feeling better soon.


sandiego in reply to Pam1952

Hello again. I got a different inhaler which seems to help, but after some though, I took an anti-histamine last evening, and it helped more. Maybe you should try. Won't do any harm and may help. xx

mel909 in reply to Pam1952

Great to hear from you I am just up th M62 in Halifax 😊

Pam1952 in reply to mel909

😊Hi. Hope you're doing okay. Heading in your direction tomorrow...off to the warehouse in Bradford. 😊😊

Hello & a warm welcome to you Mel ... sorry to hear your struggling at the moment ... hope your dr can help ease your symptoms a little better ... take care xxxx

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