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Possible lung cancer diagnosis - looking for advice


Hi. I am looking for advice - my mum had an abnormal chest X-ray around 3 weeks ago which showed a single "mass" in her upper right lung. She had a fast track ct scan with contrast 2 days later and waited 12 days to get the results. We went to the chest clinic on Monday and the consultant said he thinks it is a tumour because of how it looks and the size (4.3cm) it is in her upper right lung. She has been told she will have a pet scan and also a needle biopsy - and it will take around 10 days for the appointments and to come in. I feel like this is quite a long time especially as he is saying it looks like a tumour, surely they would want to start treatment asap? I really don't know what to think at this point, it has all come as quite a shock. She was only sent for the X-ray as she has had a few colds / chest infections in the last few months which have cleared up. A previous chest X-ray in June 2015 was completely clear so we really weren't expecting this.

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Hi honey

Im so sorry to hear your mum is not well and i can only imagine how worried you all are.....I wish i could offer some advice but its not something i have any information on.....

There is another forum on Healthunlocked that may be helpful for you but the best advice i could give you right now is to wait and see what the professionals say because we can make ourselves sick with worry and what ever is there could be something they can treat or be benign....There are lots of lovely people on here who will help support you no matter what happens, but have a look at the Roy Castle forum too x x



Usally they will wait till you had course of antbiotics steriods in case its infection.

Might seem long time but no point having needless procdures if was infection.

But most things spoted in upper part usaly are but it might be just calcified granulome.

Thats about as much as i know


Hi most tumours are benign so I know it's easy to say but try not to worry so much. It sounds like she is having the best of care. Fingers crossed for you all. x

Thank you everyone. I know everyone on here is on their own journey and i appreciate you all taking the time to reply and offer advice x

What a shock for your mum and you. It's a lot to cope with and take on board. Let's hope it turns out not to be cancer and thinking of your dear mum. Love and hugs. Xxxxx

Three yrs ago I too had a chest X-ray that showed a 8 mm nodule on upper right lobe. A follow-up CT showed same and the pulmonologist AND surgeon both said I had stage one (very curable) Lung cancer. Without any biopsy, the surgeon removed my upper right lobe (we all have 3 lobes on right and only 2 on the left)..I was in hospital for 7 days with no immediate answer on the nodule (note: in 60 per-cent of cases the nodule or mass is "calcified" and Not cancer. )They then isolated me thinking I had TB which I did not. Finally, the mayo- clinic back east said I had a "mac-infection" and I have no idea where I got it! I could have sued but I did not. I now have cops and stopped smoking over 3 yrs ago. Last oct, 2015 I had dual hernia operation (normally a one day deal) and had to be hospitalized for 6 days with lung exacerbation. Was sent home with oxygen which I use when I sleep as my

O2 levels may drop. My o2 runs from 89- 93 most of time. Keep a positive attitude on the mass as it is very possibly only calcium. I am 75 yrs old and doing ok and accept my situation . Bill

MissyD1 in reply to Billjoiner

Thank you for sharing your own experience. You have been through a lot! I am glad to hear that you are doing well now 🙂

Hi Bill

Out of interest how did they treat the Mac infection as I have been told I too have this. I was tested for TB but the results were negative.


I was never treated.. they sent me to surgery two weeks later but I later found out that I could have gone thru a series of powerful antibiotics for six months and it may have cleared it up ! Again, in most cases these modules are benign ..Bill

Thanks Bill.

I'm on powerful antibiotics myself. I've been told I'm on them for at least a year, similar to treatment for TB


Three years ago when I had an unusual x-ray it was thought that I may have lung cancer, (it was found to be abpa), at the first appointment I was introduced to a McMillan nurse and was given her card. It was scary at the time but looking back I did have a point of contact. Could you contact the hospital and ask them if there is a McMillan nurse who could be someone to talk things through? They would be able to advise your mum and perhaps alleviate some of your anxiety. Very good luck, waiting for results is horrible!

MissyD1 in reply to Jacmidlands

Thank you. I will look into this on Monday. The waiting is so hard!

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