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Mild COPD, emphysema and lung scarring.

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Hello thanks for letting me join your groups,I am 45 a smoker and just been diagnosed with the above, got took into hospital as I could not breath and had pain in upper right chest, every time I took a breath my chest would make a cracking sound , sent home three days later with pain killers, been back for ct scan and spirometry test, two weeks later had to go back to doctors as had a chest infection, given antibiotics and steroids, so from being admitted to hospital twelve weeks ago I received the letter telling me what I have yesterday, I went back to work two weeks ago an I'm just shattered all the time any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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Hello ruby666... I am new to this site and finding it has been my saving grace. I was filled with dread when I was first diagnosed. After all the replies from the wonderful people on this site gave me so much peace of mind.

You absolutely need to quit smoking. Eat a healthy diet and exercise exercise exercise. I quit smoking 12 or so years ago but eat better then I ever have and go to the gym 5 days a week.

I love my life and feel empowered taking control of my health.

Quit smoking if you do exercise stay away from sick people and wash your hands a lot practice deep breathing and pursed lip breathing if they have a pulomary rehab get into it.

Welcome to the site, Ruby666. Great name...😁😁 You will learn a lot on here, from the best there is. There's no better teacher than experience, it's self. We have some really amazing people on our site. Being mild copd, your breathing shouldn't be to bad. Exercise will improve it. Ruby🌹

Oh my dear I'm so sorry to hear about you as sick as you are & trying to work---I Remember doing that & it is so debilitating coughing so much & it tires you right out. When I was really at wits end, I would just have to take time off. Can you do that. A good strong cough drop helps a lot.

Welcome to the site Ruby666 :) . Best advice I can give is stop smoking as soon as you can, eat well and as healthily as you can and exercise regularly. x

hi ruby666 my best advice is a bit brutal

STOP smoking immediately if you dont the time will come when you will stop because

you wont be physically able to smoke


I know you have probably been told already but the first thing for you if you want any sort of a life at all is to quit smoking. It will not improve how you are now but believe me it will certainly help you slow things right down. Had I not quit I fully believe I would no longer be here by now and I have had COPD and Emphysema for around 25 years. Don't try to do things as you did before, if it makes you tired just slow down, learn to walk slower and ease up where you get. Make sure you use any medication as required and stay as active as you can.

Good to hear that sombady has lived that long life. i am diagnosen astma, copd degree 3 and emphysea i am afraid that My life Will end up earlier

Everyone has given so much great advise and I would just like to emphasize how seriously you need to stop smoking.

I have nothing to add except to say did you get the advice to stop smoking? ;)

Just did a long post to you and lost it- you must quit the cigs; I know I'm repeating what others have said but unless you do this your condition will deteriorate - I speak as a 60+ year smoker who "got away with it" for a very long time then developed COPD and asthma as a prize for being a prize idiot all those years. It's so hard to quit, I tried everything, up to and including hypnosis with no success - even though I managed to abstain for two years I still went back to it. Have been smoke-free now for almost 7 years thanks to switching to an electronic cigarette and it was completely painless, no cravings or withdrawal symptoms and the thought of taking tar into my lovely pink lungs now fills me with horror. Most of us on here are ex-smokers so know what you are going through and have every sympathy, but until you pack in the cigs you have no hope of halting or improving your condition. Please, please try - you have so many years ahead of you.

no one can really say have fast or slow your lungs will worsen if you carry on smoking... but worsen they will.

I stopped the day the doc showed me on his lap top the difference in how fast my lungs where likely to worsen if I did not stop....even after more then 50 years of smoking. ..I stop that made me so sick but I stayed with it.

it's been nearly 2 years and am happy to say I have stayed the same lungs have not worsen...I don't think I'd be saying the the same thing if I'd carried on smoking ...I don't won't to die through smoking ..

I hope you take on board what all the members have said.


Thanks everyone for replying to my post, I am trying to quit smoking now, kind regards ruby x

It's not easy to stop but it's do-able, I stopped ten years ago at my fourth attempt and I'm so glad I did. You will be too once you've got past the first couple of months - have you given any thought to how much money you'll be saving? I started to put my 'ciggy money' in a jar at the beginning of each week, cutting down on the cigs meant there was always a bit left, the less I smoked the more money there was until I reached a point where I started to resent my 'savings' going up in smoke, and then I stopped. Good luck!

Hi Ruby, we will give you all the support we can to stop. Also there is a Quit Smoking site on here so you'd be able to get and give support to others going through it. Good luck :)

Hi Ruby, I have moderate copd and still work full time. All the advice you have been given is spot on however if you are still working you need to think of preventative measures to help cut down on infections. My company got access to work involved and they made recommendations to how my work place could be adjusted to help me. They include a clean work area, allowing me to keep away from folks with colds, anti bac hand cleanser and desk wipes and a humidifier. This could be something to consider and it may help you stay healthier.

Take care x

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Ruby666 in reply to diesel12

Hi diesel12

Might be a bit hard for me to stay away from people as I am a duty manager of a hotel/pub in the lake district , where everyone has a cold from getting wet all the time lol

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