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Prednisolone for COPD - OMG no sleep!


After finishing antibiotics on Sunday for a chest infection, I am still left with a tight chest (right at the top) and have to clear my throat constantly, so off to the doctors I go again. Am given Prednisolone (6 x 5mg for 5 days) to clear my chest. after taking my first 6 yesterday and reading some of the horror stories on here, I was prepared for maybe some of the side effects. Fortunately the only one that has manifested (as yet) is no sleep! Taken my second set this morning after my breakfast so fingers crossed I at least get some sleep tonight or this is going to be a long 5 days! :-(

To top it off I am now told that the surgeries only Spirometry machine is broken and has to be replaced. Am now to call back in 4 weeks to see how they are getting on procuring a new one. As I can't have my test for 6 weeks after my antibiotics, fingers crossed they get their finger out.

Onwards and upwards though. Have a 5k park run in Kings Lynn next Sunday so need to get some training done!


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A 5K run! You're only saying that to make me jealous. Be careful though steroids can make you feel invincible, so don't over do things just yet.

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I don't run the whole 5k (I wish!) I run and walk it, I don't feel any different at the moment but only day two.

Hi Alison. Hope the sleeping sorts itself out soon 😴 A 5k!😥Have a brilliant day on Sunday, and good luck. You deserve a medal, lol. XXX

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Thanks Pam. Will run and walk it. haven't done any training for over a month now and did the treadmill on Tuesday for 15 mins and can feel the difference in my fitness levels. Am gonna take it easy on this one. No PB's me thinks. :-)

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Just the fact that you're doing it is awesome. Whatever it takes to get you to the line safely. 😊😊😊 XXX thankful,,,if most of us could run mile we would be grateful.

Min 6 weeks after oral steroids (prednisalone etc) for spiro, too.

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ok. will make a not e of that too. :-)

Hope you get some sleep and your chest clears in time for the run! Good luck 😀 huff x

2hrs last night. am beginning to get ratty. worst part is my chest feels no different whatsoever?

If you had Amoxicillin it is not a great AB I think you might need another course ( one is never enough for me ) go back to doctors....good luck and drink gallons of Manuka honey in Elderflower cordial.😊

thanks. am constantly clearing my throat which is really annoying and still feels tight at the top near my throat. not producing anything either which I think is quite strange. am desperate to get a proper diagnosis after the spirometry test but each time I have tablets I can't have the test for 6 weeks. (only had a chest xray) very frustrating.

Hope you manage to get some shut-eye tonight Ali - and good luck with that 5k, take it easy :) x

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2hrs last night. am beginning to get ratty. worst part is my chest feels no different whatsoever?

I've just finished a course of steroids and yes they definitely mess with your sleep. What I do is not to fight it, when you think your not getting enough sleep it makes you stress even more. I listen to audio books when I get into bed, I made sure a had a nice story to listen to, so at least if I wasn't sleeping I was relaxed and would eventually drop off to sleep. When I woke up during the night I would just put my earphones in and carry on listening to my book.

Hope it helps x x

I'm on my third course of prednisolone and yep it can wreck your sleeping pattern, I just listen to the World Service (it's on FM after Radio4 closes down for the night) and drink loads of tea. :-)

Hope the 5k run/walk went ok, let us know.

5K run is next sunday. Had a little more sleep last night and been on the treadmill this morning for a run/walk 3km. Not feeling too bad either.

Good, your sleeping pattern should get better as your body adjusts to the Prednisolone. I live 1km from my city centre and can manage that if i'm not having a flare up, on a good day I can manage 3km. It's a b*ggr for me as I used to be a hill/mountain walker and do long distance bike rides (my best was from Northern Spain through France) and would think nowt of cycling 20 miles through the Yorkshire countryside to visit mates.

Wow. Wanna get fit and stay healthy. Won't let it beat me!

I am always on predinsone (30 - 40 mg per day). After a few days, your body my adjust to it and you will get a better night's sleep. Take it as early in the day as possible. If you are still awake at night or only get 2-3 hrs of sleep. Take Melatonin. Your body produces melatonin to make you sleepy. You can get it at any pharmacy. I take 12mg, but that maybe too much for some people.


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Thanks for the advice last day on it tomorrow :-)

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