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Pleurisy woes

Hi, I'm a newbie on this site and I was prompted to go on after suffering two bouts of pneumonia followed by pleurisy since 3 months ago. The pleurisy pain has been very intense and am using co-codamol and ibuprofen for relief. I have cut right back as the pain is now manageable although now feels as if it's in my right kidney area. Is this The whole thing has left me feeling weak, pale and jelly-legged. How long does it take to fully recover from this?

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Hi Gillyums. I know just how horrible all of this is for you. I have bronchiectasis. In Jan 2015 I had pleurisy and community aquired pneumonia which resulted in an empyema ( when fluid bursts out of the lungs through the pleaural membrane). The treatment was lengthy. I still have pain exactly where you describe it. It does take months to feel more yourself after pneumonia and pleurisy, depending on what other conditions you are coping with. It wouldn't be a bad idea to go to your GP and tell them about the ongoing pain. Maybe you need an xray to check that the infection isn't hanging around.


Thank you for your advice!


Sorry you are still unwell. I agree with Stillstanding , have an x ray to assess the present situation. I took co-codamol for months after I had pneumonia and pleurisy and had a hot water bottle permanently attached to the painful side.


Thank you Dickenson.


Bless you Gillyums and hope you will be feeling better soon. Xxxxx


The pain of pluerisy is awful, I had it a few years ago, because of my asthma was told to just take paracetamol for pain, along with heat pads.

If your feeling week and unsure, pop back and see the doctor, maybe a blood test and x Ray will check if all is well. Take care x


2panadeine is a better idea as they have 10 mg codeine in each tablet with the paracetamol. Over the counter in Australia. Doctors always say panadol for everything! Ask a chemist-much more informative -one chemist hold me " don't wait for 4 hours between tablets -take them every 3 hours if needed -that's what I do!"


Thanks Shirley!

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