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Hi all,

I'm new here so I'd like to say hi and ask for some advice

So I've had asthma for years and aged about 12 maybe 14 I was prescribed a brown (beclomethasone inhaler) which I took for years

At some point I decided I didn't need it anymore and had no symptoms for some years

March time this year I had a mad coughing fit and Took myself to out of hours who suspected it was a blood clot (because my pulse was 110+) so they sent me to a and e who couldn't fimd anything wrong with me but did confirm my pulse was pretty high

So after a few weeks it was still high (home monitoring) so I took myself to my gp who said it could be high cholesterol and tested for it but it ain't high so she refered me to a respiratory cardiologist who said she didn't think it was asthma but it could be (she also didn't think I had a heart problem despite me still being tachcardic) so she ordered a barrage of tests (ecg,chest ct,bloods, 24 hour heart monitor, spirometry, echocardiogram)

Now in the meantime I had a chest pain and phoned me gp who said phone an ambulance (I'd had this chest pain for 2 days and didn't deem it ambulance worthy)

So I took myself to a and e (the only sensible alternative to phoning an ambulance) the doctor listened to my chest and said I was having a mild asthma attack and all the issues I had been having where a symptom of uncontrolled asthma and gave me a blue inhaler (I hadn't used one for 4+ years) and told me to take it 4 times a day until i could get in to see my gp for an asthma review

The barrage of tests came back I had a clear ct (apart from fat around the liver, a symptom of being overweight and a bad diet) I also had an elevated total ige count (apparently suggesting I'm allergic to something)

and the cardiologist had recommended getting my asthma under control and recommended a course of treatment (despite telling me it wasn't an issue she actually said my lungs where clear)

So my gp said the next logical step is to add beclomethasone to the salbutamol but the cardiologist recommended forstair... I said ok let's go with the beclomethasone on its own

Which seemed to help at first and then with the onset of this crappy British weather seemed to not be quite enough a lot of the time.. so a quick 4 minute gp appointment and I as walking out with fostair (which after a week and a bit seems to be helping)

Now has anyone heard of asthma causing tachycardia?

Is there anything I should be aware of with fostair? (It seems to have only been around for a few years,despite its components being around for a long time)

Can an elevated ige (assuming for a long period of time) cause tachycardia?

Did I ignore asthma for a period of time and get away with it or was it really dormant (I don't think anyone is going to be able answer that one)?

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Have a read of a old post different community

Fostair was originally licensed for Asthma, but recently licensed for COPD.

I use Fostair NEXTHaler for COPD no issues.

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Thanks, glad to see I'm not the only one


Possibly, if you didn't have enough oxygen in your blood for whatever reason, your heart might beat faster to get what oxygen there is to where it's needed most, the heart and the brain.

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Childhood asthma can go but there is always the potential for the symptoms to return in adulthood. You could have tachycardia if there is not enough oxygen in your blood stream so it may have returned. Blue inhalers open up the airways but brown ones prevent and treat the condition.

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Hello Chip_y2kuk . I'm sorry I can't answer your question but I wanted to say hello and welcome. I'm glad you found this wonderful site. Best wishes to you. xx 🌠


Read up as much as possible, knowledge is the key to staying well.

I had childhood asthma which seemed to disappear around 7 years of age. I'd hoped my sons asthma would also clear up around 7 as years ago a doctor had told me that it can clear up after 7 year cycles. Sure enough, it cleared around 14 (he then had bad hayfever for a couple of years). He's now and adult (allegedly), he's lived in the South of France for the last 10 years and remains quite well until he gets a cold which goes to his chest & he gets very bad chest infections.

I was diagnosed with asthma about 15 years ago. Had symbicort & ventolin . In 2009/10 I began to really suffer, so many chronic chest infections plus pneumonia 5 times in 18 months had me very low indeed. Finally, by March 2013 I'd been referred to a specialist, also found this site & was given a PR course (Pulmonary Rehabilitation). The combination of these has helped so very much, I've learnt a great deal - including that I'd used the inhaler/spacer wrongly for 3 years so my worsening asthma was not sufficiently controlled hence the infections, pneumonias & lung damage.

Basically, it's imperative for your healthy future to avoid infections which can damage your lungs. You've an excellent starting point as your CT scan was clear (wonderful news).

I use Fostair now, it suits me very well as an asthmatic.

Take your inhalers as prescribed (check with pharmacist, re read the instructions, look for demonstrations on YouTube to take your particular one correctly). You must keep your airways open to avoid mucus remaining in your lungs as a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

Keep to a healthy diet and weight, above all build a healthy immune system to help fight infections. Get the flu jab. If I'd know all that years ago I wouldn't have got so ill.

Good luck. Peege


Hi chip. Just want to say that sometimes you have to find out what you're allergic to. I went thu a long process to figure out that I have a severe reaction to sulfites in any form. I have to eat carefully without any (mostly) processed foods. Long story, but if you want more info I think that I still have all the names of the books I read to figure this out.

all the best to you,



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