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Tachycardia and asthma

Has anyone else suffered from tachycardia while SOB? I keep getting a very high heart rate a the mo even while I'm resting on the sofa!?

I've just had a treat of some ice cream to see if it eased my throat pains and my heart rates just gone mental ... Naughty ice cream lol!

One sleep left til my specialist appointment tomorrow, fingers crossed I get some answers.

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tachycardia is well known in asthmatics if you have had lots of ventolin etc, also being sob is like exercising and raises the heart rate, if regular not so much of a worry, if above 130 and irregular best get it checked,

g xx


Hi, yes I have too - like George says it's often the Ventolin, but I seem to get it anyway even without that (didn't take it for a while as it didn't seem to work very well.)

I was referred to cardiology when I saw the respiratory consultant as the resting rate was pretty high (about 112) and it jumped up quite a bit after not much exercise. It still jumps around now (was doing exercise test with resp physio, had sats/pulse monitor on finger and noticed it was jumping around for no apparent reason; always noticed this when someone sticks one of those on my finger and after I've done anything 'strenuous'.)

I have been told though that my heart is ok - though cardiologist did seem more interested in going on and on about stress! But worth asking about if you're worried. I hope your appointment tomorrow goes well and you have your questions answered!


im glad its not just me!

my heart rate is constantly above 100bpm but can jump about, and the minute i do anything active it jumps to....anything up to 160bpm and thats on a good day:P

none of the docs seem concerned about it tho and i was beginning to feel that maybe i was worrying about nothing.



Hi Becca

It does feel like I'm the only one sometimes too, especially at the mo with the docs saying they don't know why I'm constantly SOB, exhausted, hoarse, blah blah blah. It's really nice to know I'm not the only one!

My heart rate jumped up bad early on and I didn't know what to do and I was on my own, think I fell asleep but I'm not sure (I'm very confused at the mo and have been for nearly 2-3 months now). It's calmed back down again to a standard rate but it'll happen again before bed :( does it scare you?


I have Tachycardia - have had my heart checked about 3 times over the years and everything ok. I can often feel my heart thudding and when I particularly stressed it's a most unpleasant sensation. GP suggested betablockers a couple of times but apparently they are bad for asthmatics, so I just have to put up with it.


Wow, vaguely knew other people had this but everything sounds so much like what I experience and did find doctors were just saying 'oh, your heart is fine, are you anxious/stressed?' (No, but my heart probably is as it doesn't like me being SOB!)

I could never work out if the dizziness was related though - do you get that too? I know it can happen with hyperventilation but don't think it's that with me as I had the SOB for months with no dizziness, it only happened after cardiologist made me do a treadmill test. Had a very strange 'turn' this evening where I was sitting listening to a talk and suddenly felt rather unwell and dizzy and vision went quite dark for a bit and tingling hands, then back to normal, more or less. I may have to pester GP about it, kind of sounds like I've heard panic attacks described except I wasn't anxious or panicky remotely. Feel like a bit of a hypochondriac though...


If you are worried about it I'd seriously consider going to see your doctor. I put up with having periods where my heart rate would be noticeably fast for years, only recently did I find out I have a heart condition that requires medication and in the (hopefully not too distant future) a surgical procedure!

Edit: just read you're seeing the specialist tomorrow, make sure you mention it!!!


I do have a high resting heart rate (over 100) and also get palpitations as well. I didn't realise until recently that it is always irregular as well. After a lovely paramedic gave me a neb he insisted I went to A&E due to my heart rate being so high and irregular. Afterwards my dad (who is a GP)- said err you heart rate is always irregular!!! I felt like a bit of a wally. Though as the Dr in A&E said it is irregular but not in a worrying way.

To be honest I don't really notice it at all any more.

What did the specialist say MooMoo? I hope they were reassuring.




just caught up on the post, but before i got put on all these asthma meds at the beginning of the year, i got diagnosed with ectopic beats and vasal vagol attacks and got put on beta blockers (suprise suprise got taken of a few months down the line as effected asthma) but because of my ectopic beats that are uncontrolled now with no meds, my heart rate can go from anywhere between 39bpm to 165bpm within a few seconds...and i also get dizzyness, palputations with my heart, lightheaded etc, and the annoying thing is, when my lungs are being grumpy and i take more salbutamol, my heart also gets grumpy and my symptoms for my heart also get get slightly concerned but cant do anyhting about it...they now say to me that they allow my bpm to go high but the minute my bpm goes higher than my upper bp then they start to panic as aparently thats not normal lol

long story but yeah...sorry



Well I've just got home from seeing my chest specialist ... and I'm being referred to a Chronic Asthma Specialist now at the same hospital, as my current specialist is a Chronic Cough Consultant ... blah blah blah LOL!

Anyway shes really lovely and cos I've been struggling for going on 3 weeks now with my breathing she has scheduled me for a Broncoscopy and Lung Wash on 15th November to get to the root of the problem ... she thinks I may have VCD as well as asthma now but can't confirm until after the tests have been done. But seen as Ive either had no voice or hoarse voice for 3 months its looking more than likely in her opinion.

Well I'm signed off work for a while and its driving me mad, I climb the walls LOL, cos I still can't catch my breathe properly and am constantly exhausted.

I start my steroid reduction tomorrow morning so fingers crossed I don't start to have any effects so I can come off them but as with everything at the minute they don't know until they try! LOL

Thanks for your support it really means alot to know there are others like me I can talk to xx


The docs just dont seem too concerned at all...but there are times when i get sob and i wonder if it is actually due to fast heart rate rather than asthma?!

i've actually made an appointment to see my gp next week because its gotten worse lately (since starting theophillin) and its just generally doing my head in!

it seems tho that this is a bit more common than i first thought.



i have tachycardia and palpitations, although with me the docs are taking it pretty seriously. this is because it is possibly due to three years ago when a virus directly attacked my heart. i have had problems ever since then. i take two meds for this, though not betablockers, as as it has already been mentioned they are known to be bad for asthma. sorry, not much point in this post, just to know that you are not alone, and feel free to pm me anytime if you want to chat/rant etc.

i hope all turns out well for you. all the best.



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