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Lung cancer patients or carers - would you like to share your story?

Afternoon all,

We've had a request (see below) from an external organisation who would like to see if anyone would like to share their experiences of lung cancer, either from a patient or carers perspective. If you'd be interested, please email your details to: autumn@patientpower.info

Many thanks,



Hi there, I'm Theresa Clementi from Patient Power and I'm writing to see if you can help us with a last minute but great opportunity for patients! Patient Power looking for lung cancer patients and carers in the UK to join Advocate Andrew Schorr in London on October 31st to speak to pharma and share their story. All expenses paid for, of course. Can you help spread the word or do you know of any patients or carers that might be interested? Thanks in advance for your help! autumn@patientpower.info

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