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CAN SPIRO REadings be affected by a cold and cough

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I have just had a very low fev1 reading on my spirometry and the consultant reported i had obstructive spirometry and recommended Tostair inhaler. But i had a rrally bad cold and cough virus at the time and wondered if that might have caused the low reqding as ai dont really have any symptoms of copd apart from slight shortness of breath if i walk up a hill or lots of stairs. Does anybody out there know?

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10 Replies

Yes it would affect it and im surprised they did it to be honest

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It depends on the person doing it. As I have a permanent cough. I have never had anyone refuse to do it.


Will have it redone when i am better anyway. Sorry you have a oermanent cough that must be horrible... :-/


Yes it cani had one with a chest infection and mucus but they still did it


Ok thanks v much, will ask to have it redone


Thanks v much. I dont think the doc heard me when i told him i had a bad cold


Just had mine refused as a slight crackle so I would suggest it's not the best idea.


Thanks for your response, think i will ask to have it redone once my chest cold is over!

Buzzytruk Gp says no spyro till 6 weeks after the cold / chest infection is fully gone. Otherwise you get false results.



Hello sarahlovedaypalmer . Yes. In my very humble opinion. My consultant would postpone my spiro if I have a cold because we both know that would bring the numbers down. xx

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