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Nebuliser to take 7% saline

I am looking for a nebuliser that takes the 7% hypertonic saline. The one I have from the NHS takes for ever, as I put my salbutamol in first followed by the saline. I am an hour each morning nearly, its so slow. I have a lovely little Oberon portable which is quick but this will only take normal saline and not the hypertonic. Is there anyone here who can help guide me to a nice fast machine which I can buy. I also attach an aerobika with the saline dose which help s bring up the phlegm.

Thank you for taking an interest by reading my item.


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Hi, if it's taking that long for just your Salbutamol + 7% Hypertonic saline, there must be something wrong with you machine. I use the same plus Ipatropium & Diamorphine mixed with Saline, and it doesn't take much longer than that. Ask them to change your machine , or it could be your ventstream equipment wants changing also.

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They have checked it in the past six months. With the hypertonic saline they say it will take much longer as its very difference to the normal saline, which is very thin.

Am looking to buy one as mine is not only slow but loud.


I haven't timed mine on it's own but it takes roughly 25 - 30 mins to complete the 5mil of Ipatropium + Salbutamol combined, then switching to the 7%.

Talk to "Evergreen Nebulisers", they are very good and helpful


thank you I will do that. Do you have an NHS nebuliser. Mine is but is issued through a company.


Hi, I have a nhs nebuliser , and it's pretty fast but noisy. There might be something wrong with it.


Thank you but the salt saline at 7% is quite strong to nebulise. Thank you anyway.


Are you washing out the nebuliser after each use ? Sometimes it gets a bit clogged and can slow down . Also if it is old ask NHS hospital for a new one . My new one is much quicker than the one I had for years which was taking 1 hour to go through saline and then salbutamol . This one is much faster if I wash out after each use or daily . I use mine night and morning and takes now about 30 minutes total . Hope this helps. I also have a little portable one but like yours does not take two vials of meds at any one time and so is slow but handy to take as a back up if away for a long day .


Hi - thank you for reply. Yes I do wash out every single day without fail. I use mine morning and night. Its the 7% Hypertonic saline that is taking the time really. The normal saline I was on before went through as quick as the salbutamol. Salbutamol takes about 15 minutes the this new saline takes about 35 minutes. Its a long time to nebulise each time. My portable Omron is silent and quick but will not take this new saline only the original. Have spoke to respiratory nurse today and she has shown me ones which they have on trial at the hospital so might try and by one of those. Will also talk to Evergreen as suggested above.


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