Vashti, love reading your posts by the way, especially your journey to opticians. For me it was like a trip down memory lane, although not from that part of the world, I spent many happy days holidaying with cousins in Lisdoonvarna! I was born in Dublin but have not visited Ireland for over 40 years! Now on to the subject under discussion - I have a cat problem, not my cat as he died some 6 months or so ago! Well he was my son's cat (I am not a cat lover) before he married a wife who already had 2 cats. Said cat was very old so was relieved at his passing! However now I have a cat that regularly comes in and uses my small piece of grass as a toilet, the ugly stuff, just yesterday got the spade out and collected six little mounds, have tried chasing every cat I see away but this one is sneaky, just creeps in! My son bought some stuff to scatter round the grass but haven't done that yet as see little point. My friends at the hairdressers have mentioned a water pistol but I would have to stand guard at patio door waiting for said cat to arrive! Any suggestions? Is this not very unusual behaviour for a cat, don't they usually bury it?

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My next door neighbours cat does the same on our have to be careful where you walk and cut the grass.

I have tried used tea bags with a few drops of Olbas Oil on....just scatter them around the place where the cat goes. It worked with my cats as they hated the smell of the oil.

I can't guarantee that it would work with all cats though.

Guess it would be worth a try, but have never heard of Olbas oil and where can I get it? It is more than annoying, always checking as I have to walk across grass to hang washing out! I have someone come in to cut grass and keep things tidy and he complained as he doesn't like clearing it up. That really made me angry, but he did it, and since then I clear it up when I see it! All it takes is a spade and plastic bag!

It is used to clear your head and help you breath f you have a cold it has a strong smell, any chemist will sell it also supermarkets near the cough syrup

Thank you, can't recall ever seeing that!

Always have some in the bathroom cabinet here. It's excellent for clearing the nose...don't know about cats though - we are being inundated with them at the moment. I glance at the conservatory doors and there they are pressing their noses against the glass , open the back door and there they are checking out the bird feeders, eating leftovers in the hedgehog dishes, movement in the trees and there they are spying and sorting out their prey. I do like cats honestly I do, but I love birds too and love gardening. Nothing worse than putting your hand in it. Worse thing is - Merlin likes these feline baddies. heh heh

I have some in my medicine chest,it is just a small bottle,but a few drops on a hankie and it will clear your sinuses out.

Well if it doesn't get rid of the cat, I may be able to put it to good use myself one day when I have a cold!!

Eucalyptus might work cats hated that as well. Or Vick

I remember seeing on the TV once that you could buy Lion Poo which was supposed to deter pussy cats.....never tried that though!

Pepper dust sprinkled around didn't work either. Some say that cats don't like hose pipes as they remind them of snakes....mine were scared stiff of cooked spaghetti.

Have you seen the You tube videos of cats and cucumbers....a lot were frightened of the green monsters.

I hope you find an answer to the dreaded cat mess....trouble is once they start in one place they tend to return.

I do love cats really!

Just leave a hose pipe lying around.....not to spray the poor cat with...

I am showing my ignorance as I have only had dogs never cats, but why cant owners of cats train them to leave there mess in there gardens not mine. We have quite a few cats that visit our garden and they all leave there calling card which I have to get up. If my dog did the same in there gardens I would be in a lot of trouble.

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