HI I am oxygen dependant, use 4ltr via mask on concentrator and via Nasal Cannula using the Homecare provided Conserver Set Up, unfortunately despite being in the so called 21st Century, the system provided or rather the tubing from the Conserver to the oxygen tank and securing clip (juveniles clip secured via a breakdown hexagonal screw head) supplied by A Multi National Company Homecare is TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY "Unfit For Purpose" the securing jumbled clip and securing hexagonal screw head n tubing are constantly being forced off by the pressure build up as the Conserver gives a set amount of oxygen then stops n holds back the oxygen this is obviously puts pressure on the tubing and securing equipment connected to the oxygen tube and constantly leaks and blows off from the oxygen tank, both the tubing and the securing mechanism. This situation is completely unacceptable at best causes extreme stress to the user, yes you can bypass the Conserver and connect dire fly to the tank. Causes Several Major problems. The amount of oxygen in the tank may be insufficient to get you back to connect t too your Concentrator. You are extremely limited as too how far you can leave home and the amount of time you can stay out is also limited as you can NOT RELY ON THE TUBING AND SECURING MECHANISM as despite how tight the hexagonal screw top is used oxygen CONSTANTLY LEAKS FROM THE TANK, with the added problem of complete tubing and securing during mechanism failing. All this greatly limits a BASIC HUMAN RIGHT OF FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT, as the Homecare Conserver system is unreliable and Not Fit For Purpose you are therefore either constantly reattaching tubing and securing system BUT also looking valuable oxygenated too leaking so have too physically check the level of oxygen in the tank as you mY ha e to cut your time out early to enable you too have enough oxygen supply to get back to your Concentrator, however as I have found usually there is insufficient oxygen left I the tank. Yes you co u of carry a spare full tank, but will encounter the exact same problem the only way around this is to yes carry a spare full tank to enables you to connect to directly in order that you may be able to return safely to your Concentrator. HOMECARE have NO LEGAL RIGHT TOO DICTATE HOW FAR I CAN GO AND FOR HOW LONG. THAT IS A HUMAN BASIC RIGHT OF FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT that the Conserver equipment is "supposed too give us oxygen dependant customers" but in practice this is completely impossible.

What are Homecare doing about this "known problem" the same as other oxygen suppliers have done in my 15 years of using Ambulatory Oxygen, very little to actually resolve the problem too give a dependable systemic a excellent idea, the Conserver, which works as it should, however whom ever has decided to use the Not Fit For Purpose equipment connected thing too the oxygen tank, thinks that we should put up with the problem as in the past we put up with "make do and mend", Which they are doing by sending out engineers to replace the tubing and securing system, yet NOT RESOLVING THE PROBLEM, constantly dispatching engineers too me 3 over the last 5 weeks must surely be seen as a false economy, instead of sending engineers multiple times too try and resolve a problem with a system that is Not Fit For Purpose is completely useless and does not instill confidence in the equipment (that is Supposed too gives us more Independence and Freedom of Movement) or the Multi National Company. Today I called Homecare, yet again and advised them that the system is Not Fit For Purpose and they have NO LEGAL RIGHT TOO infringe one of e everyone's Basic Human Right of Freedom Of Movement and advised the agent who took my call that the "Company" had until Close of Business Thursday Evening the 15th of September too resolve this issue, that has been known about by them for some time. If they are unable I have been legally advised too put my concerns in writing and let the Disabled Legal Representatives look over the concerns and if NOT Satisfactorily Remedied we should take the matter before the European Court of Human Rights, as the "Company" are Illegally restricted a Human Beings Basic Right of Freedom of Movement wether we are disabled and either wholly dependant on Supplementary Oxygen or even an Occasional User NO ONE that's NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TOO DICTATE THE BASIC HUMAN RIGHT OF FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT.

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  • ask for liquid oxygen you world will open up you controll it you dont wait for it to be droped off apart from once every 2 weeks and with 2 or 3 tanks you can be out all day

  • Thought of that, unfortunately the liquid oxygen containers provided by HOMECARE have NO meter/Dial to let you know how much Liquid Oxygen is left. I also have the added problem that using Liquid Oxygen in my home is not a problem regarding researching etc. Unfortunately I am now at the End Stage of my Terminal Illness and of course am now residing in a Nursing Home for Palliative Care and End of Life Care so not practical. Thanks for the reply.

  • The backpack tells you how much is left in your backpack tank. I'm on it and out all the time. Brilliant system

  • Hi

    Strange you having such a problem, my provider is Air Liquide and uses a similar system, the cylinder is set at 4 and the conserver also set at 4 which what I use 4LPM. The connection as you say is a sleeved tubing pushed over a segregated connection on cylinder secured by c- clamp with hexagon knob. Never experienced blow of or leakage. Just about to change cylinder, my problem is pulling pipe of.

  • Hi stone,

    Yes in the past as like you I use 4lpm on Conserver and Ambulatory Oxygen Tank and have the same type of securing device the hexagonal Screw Despite this I suspect that it's the Tubing as if used for first time it's excellent, as you say I have trouble removing tube, have Diabetic Neuropathy in hands, however when connected to a new full tank, despite putting two reinforcing rings on the tubing if you look at tubing exit it seems to start too splay/stretch which causes I assume not only a constant leak but adds to back pressure and the tubing and hexagonal screw blow back from the oxygen tank. that's why I constantly need to check level of oxygen left due to constant leak and blasted blow backs. An engaging never came out last Monday and used the old style jubilee clip with the Blue Wing type plastic screw and no matter how long you go on tightening the tubing just gives way and leaks constantly too the point it fails and yet again a blow back. Sending an engineer to resolve something that has an inherent design fault, as I say is a false economy. Thanks for your reply.

  • Hi I am a oxygen dependent I have a oxygen portable I take it every where I go it only weigh 4.8lbs It made by Imogen One most ins pay for it I would talk to the doctor about it

  • Hi Six 1 tried that, unfortunately I have to use Air Liquide Homecare as that's who supply this area and as a Social Services Funded regarding Care/nursing couldn't pay for it. Thanks for the reply.

  • Hi , i'm a copd sufferer have been for over 10 years, I'm on oxygen 24/7 . when i go out I have a portable bottle the bottle is on 4 and my conserver is on 2 which means I'm on 2lts but when walking I turn it up to 3 or 4 mainly 3, when I'm home I use a concentrator which is only on 1lt . my Supplier is BOC I find them very friendly and explain things to me when i'm not sure of something .

  • Hi joyce741,

    Sorry too hear about COPD, as I have said am End Stage Heart Failure Terminal Stage. Am on 4took on concentrator and Conserver and Oxygen Tank am wheelchair bound and Unfortunately BOC no longer have this area contract, lost it too Air Liquide Homecare so am stuck with them. Thanks for reply.

  • Ossymac I wish you all the best , I'm not wheelchair bound but I use a trolley to hold when I'm walking as i don't feel safe without and use an electric scooter if we go out shopping or to the coast for the afternoon which is not very often. I hibernate in the winter as the cold talks my breath away. again i wish you the very best

  • Request to change from your system to the Helios system, constant O2 and you should get at least two backpack tanks and a delivery of liquid O2 in a large tank fortnightly.

  • hi patriciapotts, unfortunately I have to use current system fir at least 12 months in UK there are Portable Concentrators from 1/2lpm - 6lpm below 4lpm you carry them on shoulder have rechargeable batteries plug in to mains supply or power point in vehicle. 4lom up to 6lom the equipment is on a trolley which is pulled but still same plug in to mains or vehicle power point too use/recharge. Your Respiratory Nurse/Specialist has too refer you but if nit been on Conserver for at least 12 months not automatic change. God Bless Technology. Thanks for your reply.

  • Ossymac

    I have a concentrator, but had to buy myself. It is an Inogen One G2 gives O2 up to 6 litres and I carry it in a backpack or scooter backpack. Have two batteries , one which is a 4 hr and one is 10 hours. Unfortunately, as I have said, have to purchase yourself but there are second hand ones avail reasonably priced. They re- charge very quickly

    Hope you get something sorted

  • Hi patriciapotts, I will look in to it thanks for the information was advised by the Nursing Home Night Duty Nurse that 2 hours ago my Respiratory Nurse has asked too see me tomorrow morning, so should be an interesting morning will let you know outcome

  • Good luck Your life. Request what helps you best

  • Hi patriciapotts

    Thanks a lot

  • In UK there are Portable Concentrators' from 1/2lpm - 6lpm up to 2lpm you can carry over shoulder have rechargeable batteries plug in to mains/vehicle power point to use/recharge 4lom - 6lpm they are on small trolley you pull. You have to be recommended by your Respiratory Nurse/Specialist and have had used conserver system for at least 12 months as part of qualifying assessment so here's hoping just 10 months to go!

  • Hi thought would let you all know had a result.

    Respiratory Nurse been this morning and Home Oxygen Ombudsman who was sent a copy if e-mail they are Oxygen Ombudsman for NHS East Lancs has told them too order me the New Ambulatory Oxygen System that is being rolled out down South! Its an All in One System everything built in to top if tank same size Ambulatory Oxygen 400 Tanks. Just dial in your required oxygen requirement job done. Hooray one for the little Guy/Gal!

  • Reply

    Hi thought would let you all know had a result.

    Respiratory Nurse been this morning and Home Oxygen Ombudsman who was sent a copy if e-mail they are Oxygen Ombudsman for NHS East Lancs has told them too order me the New Ambulatory Oxygen System that is being rolled out down South! Its an All in One System everything built in to top if tank same size Ambulatory Oxygen 400 Tanks. Just dial in your required oxygen requirement job done. Hooray one for the little Guys/Gals!!

  • GREAT!

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