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Post op aslergillus lung sugery breathing problems normal?

Hi everyone hioe your all well not been on for a bit due to surgery but been reading your posts and thinking of u all.

I just had a left upper lobe wedge resection on August 17 which was a aspergillus golf ball. I cant take deep breaths properly sometimes at moment can only do wqlking for 30 mins a day then i need a nebuliser or inhaler as im asthmatic. Im 42 and the weird think is before it was took out i was doung a hour a day on wxcercise bike and two miles on treadmill!!

Also my peak flow is down massivly from 550 to 400 is this normal?

3000-3500 on incentive spirometer

Anyone have advice on what excercises i should be doing three weeks post op and is the peak flow resuction normal?

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Just realised i think ive posted something similar last week doh!!

Thankyou pain meds and antibiotics lol 😏

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