Oncologist stopped my treatment

Hi all im new here and need advice.

I have secondary lung cancer and have been having chemotherapy 2 cycles so far. Which has damaged my hearing a little but has half ed the size of the cancer which is great news.

My oncologist has stopped the chemo and just wants to monitor the cancer! as it's affecting my hearing but I don't want to stop the treatment as it's having a massive effect.

I feel that I have not been envolved in the desision and total disagree with stopping the treatment and see hearing lose a small price to pay if it saves my life. Do I legally have a say in my treatment and can I insist they restart the chemotherapy?

Thanks in advance

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  • Welcome Hurdy, l have no real answer for you but would feel very aggrieved if l were you. The oncologist needs to explain everything in complete detail as you do need to be involved in all decisions.

    Chemo can do damage but, as you say, it is working which has got to be a good thing.

    Good luck to you and let us know how it goes. Xxxxx

  • Why not ring the BLF nurses and ask their advice?

  • I'll try that hadn't thought of the BLF until this afternoon

  • Contact us


    03000 030 555

  • Have you spoken PALS at the hospital. They should be able to advocate for you on your behalf.

    Other person to talk to is your GP.

  • I've left a message for them to call me back today.

  • Hello Hurdy70, I think the suggestion on here are the place to start. Your treatment or none is supposed to be with your informed consent. In cases of cancer I would say you should be given all your options and it should be your choice if there is a risk to the treatment. But I understand the consultants caution in view of it effecting your hearing. Every best wish, and do let us know how it goes. I appreciate you don't need this added stress when you are ill.xx

  • Why don't you speak to P.A.L. Your patient liaison at the hospital. Failing any joy from them, take legal advice. Hope this helps, keep me posted please, and good luck. Xxx

  • Not all of us need heaps of Chemo, maybe it has done what he feels needs to be done and as with a lot of cancers it is watch and wait .... I had a lung removed with Cancer and only had 2 sessions of Chemo .... thank heavens ....so be patient x

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