Hi, I have alot of difficulty coughing up mucus as it is very sticky, I was taking mucodyne but stopped taking it to see if it was actually doing anything, I think it was helping but I would like to try a more natural way of clearing my chest. I do physo twice daily but was also thinking of trying saline nose drops, or maybe asking cons for sailne nebs, (very unlikely to happen but worth a try)

Does anyone else with bronchectasis and asthma use saline? if so do you find it helpful


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Yes use saline quite a lot with other Nebs flixotide iprotropi ventolin nebs

Cut down on dairy as it makes mucus thicker and drink lots of water to thin it down. Not tea, coffee, alcohol etc. x

I'm allergic to dairy products so don't eat them anyway and I drink loads of water doesn't do anything. So thats why I was thinkinh maybe saline would be good

Hi lejaya

I have bronchiectasis and asthma and I nebulise saline. Saline 0.9% has the same amount of saline as you have in any bodily fluid. Hypertonic has a higher concentration. H saline iis much more helpful at loosening up the gunk in your lungs. It comes in 3%, 6% and 7%. Generally I use 7% twice a day after nebulisisng a bronchodilator, but if my lungs are not producing much (generally near the end of a course of abs) or my asthma is playing up more, I will use 3%. BTW it would be your respiratory consultant who would arrange for you to be assessed at the hosital that hypertonic is ok for you. If all is well then your GP will prescribe it after being directed by the hosopital.

Hope it works well for you.

love cx

Hi cofdrop

Thank you very much for your reply I am seeing my consultant on Tuesday so I will mention the possibility of trying saline I'm glad it works so well for you


Yes I use saline and find it helps a great deal. I was also prescribed a flutter valve by my cold nurse,it works wonders. Ask about one, it really does help. Love bernyxxx

Hi Lejaya, have you tried using a 'flutter' device? It's a plastic device that you use to breathe into and a ball inside it helps loosen the phlegm and makes it easier to cough up. Takes a bit of a knack but it works. About £45 online or you might get it on prescription.


You might want to ask your con about the hospital loaning you a nebuliser. The benefit of this woud be that the equipment pool at the hospital would maintain or replace it every year and you will also get a supply of cups, tubing, mask or mouthpiece.

Your physio should be able to show you the flutter and the acapella choice to see which suits you best. The benefit of the acapella is you can use it in any position, so if you do lay down or tip to drain your lungs it can be beneficial. You could ask con - nothing to lose. You can actually get the flutter or the acapella on prescription now, although not many docs seem to know!!! If you buy one don't forget to ask for VAT medical exemption.

Love cx

Hello lejaya,

I was prescribed Carbocistene 375 capsules for my bronchiectasis mucus problem. This does help a lot. For nasal congestion I use isotonic saline nasal inhaler (Sterimar) which is available over the counter at most chemists. I find this works wonders for both nose and chest during winter weather.

Best wishes,


Thank you for all the replys I was thinking of asking my cons about a flutter device to as I am very keen to try a more natutral way to clear my chest rather then just relying on tablets. I also find that when I have an infection carbocistene doesn't do much anyway cause I have so much mucus I feel like I'm drowning.

also do you use saline nebs every day or just when you have an infection or flare up. I always have sticky mucus espcially in the morning just lots more during infection.

So I might ask cons and physio to try both.


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