COPD and holidaying

hi everyone. My mum has COPD and is limiting herself to where she goes. She seems to think hotels wont let her stay because she has an oxygen machine. She will only go to haven caravan park because its close and its familiar. I've suggested she go to Blackpool to a hotel with inhouse entertainment as she cant walk far. What are you all doing as far as holidays and have you came across any difficulties?

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We have been to Warner Hotels recently as they are very accommodating. I hope your mum can find somewhere nice to go and enjoy a break. Xxx

We've been to several different Warners throughout the country and really don't find them that convenient if you have difficulty walking, unless perhaps you can get a 'disabled' room which may be nearer to the restaurant - but I don't think they have that many. My husband could just about manage the long walks when we last went about 3 years ago, but not now as he has to use a wheelchair for more than 10 yards or so. I just recall treking down lots of long, long corridors, many or them uphill as they link the various different buildings together to keep them all under one roof. There were always long queues for the dining rooms, then a 'bun-fight' at the servery areas, though you can get your food served to the table for some meals. We've had to stop using Warners now since, although I'm pretty fit, no-way could I face pushing a wheelchair along all those eternal corridors.

Hi Misstickle, l agree it does depend how well you can manage walking etc. I often had to get two dinners because Pete couldn't manage. We are not doing much at all this year and it depends how Petes back op goes in September as to where we holiday in future.

Hope you are keeping as well as possible. Best wishes to you and your husband. Xxxx

I stayed in a lovely hotel in the Lake District which was very accommodating. Your mum's oxygen supplier can arrange to deliver all she needs to wherever she is staying. Do ring any hotel you are thinking of going to and see what they say, it may encourage your mum. Good luck.

Hello Whiskeychaser,love your name ! I have COPD like many others on here and use oxygen virtually 24/7. Holiday planning can be a nightmare but many and I really mean "many" folk will tell you that they're able to take holidays abroad and in the UK. I'm in the process of working out what to do holiday wise,so will let you know . Glad you've found this forum.

Hotels in the UK are great - they seem to fall over themselves to be as helpful as they can. Enjoy your holiday and send us a card.

Sue x

I'm on oxygen 24/7 and have just had a lovely weekend stay in the Holiday Inn Aylesbury. I arranged for my oxygen supplier to supply concentrator & self fill compressor having first checked with hotel that they would accept it. The equipment was in place in our room on problems. Most hotels are accommodating as long as you check with them first.

Best wishes

Jo ;- )

You are right tell her it is much better for her to go into a hotel as i can tell her that the caravans are very damp and no good for her that if the elect blows or go out as they do on caravan sites how will she use the oxygen machine if it do not have a batery back up then she will have no oxygen i know as i use to live on site for 7 years and now i have copd sever .

I would firstly decide on where you want to go and just ask them if they can accommodate the machine? There may be a safety reason but all in all most holiday places should be disability friendly by law.

My hotel in Torquay said they would make sure I had a parking space close by. Denied it when there and said they do a first come first served. Told me lift to changing rooms for the pool but forgot to tell me that there are stairs up to the pool once changed!

Hope you get sorted?

Hellllooooo!! I'm 69, have stage4 (heading to5) emphysema and am on 15 to 24 hour oxygen... Just had two weeks in Cornwall with oxygen concentrators and cylinders delivered to the cottage, 17 days on a cruise with my own concentrator and cylinders which I "stole" from my home, then 4 days in Whitby, again with concentrators and cylinders delivered. There's no really very good reason why people on oxygen can't get out...


Hi Catnip. Which cruise did you do please? Who with?

PS -- the cruise stopped at Cadiz, Messina, Corfu, Venice, Dubrovnik, Hvar and Gibraltar. Some of the stops didn't have wheelchair-friendly tours, or had tenders to get ashore. I was told that Venice wasn't "wheelchair friendly" so we didn't go there, much to my disappointment.

P&O don't send an "adapted tours" brochure if you tick the box on the medical form saying you can get up the steps on a coach. Silly people! Scaling four steps onto a coach doesn't mean one can walk a kilometre to the coaches!!

Hi whiskey chaser, I understand your mums conerns, I too havnt stayed in hotels since being on oxygen for 4 years. I now find the filled cylinders don't last long enough for me and use liquid oxygen so apartments are a no no as well so last year and this year am staying in a lovely holiday bungalow in thornton, cleveleys. As many disabled people holiday in the Blackpool area, am sure there be plenty hotels willing to accommodate your mums needs. Happy holidays.

The company who supplies my Oxygen have told me they will deliver to anywhere I wish to stay in the maybe just check that the hotel is okay with it and get it and the holiday booked lively !!! and hope she has an amazing time xx

Greetings :)

We went with P&O on a Mediterranean cruise. I "borrowed" my cylinders from home for the holiday (they stayed in the cabin with us) but I took my portable concentrator too -- which we bought. The respiratory unit which I attend does have a couple of portable concentrators which they loan out, so it might be worth checking with your treatment centre if they have the same facility. There are companies which do lend out concentrators at a price, though.

Tell your mum that the only limitations on her travel are those which she seems to be setting for herself!!



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