Two truths and a lie

Two truths and a lie

Up until now, the only thing that got me nervous was when my little girls went out for the night, and of naturally, right before I say Worcestershire sauce. But everything's changed.

Been diagnosed with COPD (truth), had to quit smoking (truth), telling everyone around me "I'm fine, it's all good, got it under control" (lie).

So here I am. Where I can be myself for just a little while...

Thank you :)

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  • Welcome Roxade, you will find many like minded people here. Nice to see you. Xxxx

  • Hello Roxade

    Welcome, yes you can just be yourself on here, and share anything. You don't have to put a front on, and we don't judge each other.

    The members have lots of advice and will give you support and some laughs.

    Look forward to hearing more from you


  • Hello Roxade. So glad you found this wonderful place. No one will judge you. Please do share and relax here. Sending lots of happy thoughts.

    Cas xx 🎶

  • It won't be a lie for long, not now you've found 'us lot' - you'll soon be having a chuckle and feeling better for it. And there's an added bonus, you can get all manner of information about COPD, as well as having a bit of a moan, or even a rant whenever you feel like it. Oh yes - and Jennifer does wonderful birthday cakes for everyone's birthdays. Welcome!

  • haha Bit far for a birthday cake! I'm in South Africa, so enjoy your cakes :)

  • They're virtual birthday cakes but we still drool over them - and argue a bit over who's being greedy. Jennifer 'posts' them every Tuesday - take a look, you'll see why we drool.😛😊.

  • Welcome Roxade I was lucky enough to visit your beautiful country a few years back.

  • It's a beautiful country yes. It's just extremely dangerous.

  • That I think is the only reason I couldnt live there. Such beautiful houses and yet all hidden behind 12 foot fences. We visited Cape Town, Durban, Drakensburg Mountains and Kruger Park not forgetting Jo burg.

  • Welcome to the group To fade

  • Apologies - that should read Roxade, not '"to fade" - hate autocorrect.

  • Thank you :)

  • Hello Roxade I'm glad you have stopped smoking 😁 huff 🌻🌼xxx

  • Thank you. I was rather moody today though, but it's so good getting this encouragement. :)

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