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The Conversation: Getting The Right Treatment & Testing For Lung Cancer

The Conversation: Getting The Right Treatment & Testing For Lung Cancer

Panel Interview with Emma Shtivelman, PhD, Chief Scientist Cancer Commons, Mary Ellen Hand, RN, BSN, Nurse Coordinator Rush University Medical Center, and Stage 4 Lung Cancer Patient, Mary Williams.

Janet Freeman-Daily (@JFreemanDaily), patient advocate, metastatic lung cancer patient, and co-moderator of #LCSM chat hosts The Conversation about what patients and caregivers can do to get the right treatment and testing for lung cancer. The panel covers a wide variety of topics including the following:

Information needed to make decisions about treatment options

Molecular and genetic testing, and where to go to learn more about them

Targeted therapies, clinical trials, and liquid biopsies

Barriers to getting the right treatment at the right time

Seeking second opinions

What to ask your health care professionals

Check out the full conversation between lung cancer experts with the link below.

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Great post link : is disgrace how those in uk are left in dark from late diagnosis to curse of useless palatine chemotherapy YET nine out ten are not even told the receiving palatine chemotherapy.

When I got sick befour my lungs got trashed I was working THEN both my arms went numb and I was out of breath or shape.

My doctors said arms was traped nerves and I was suffering anxiety SO the medical profession said.

My own condition progressed wile I tried working AND thinking back a close mate of mine said I had blood all round my mouth.

With being relative young and still working you think o might of bit my lip or could of been result of bad teeth BUT what is to say it was not cancer to explain my symptoms.

Not that my x doctor was interested as it took bout of sepsis pneumonia for me to be referd to a lung specialist.

So why am I saying all this ... well who is to say given symptoms at that time I did not have a cancer that did resolve it's self.

That would in my opinion explain hole lobe Granuloma after all ant Granuloma antibodies.

Stranger things have happened AND that's why I believe in DNA testing immune therapy and why information and research on such touchy subjects should not be feared.

Great post links.


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