Chest exray came back ok ecg ok just waiting for blood now seen doc about talking to my self she told wife that if i start to get any worst then i will have to see a nut doctor i cant spell the right name let you know as on friday got more test on chest and lung funtion ok time to hit the bed good night all

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  • david12 good luck on the test and nos da x

  • Hello David. It is such a relief that your x-ray and ECG came back okay. That in itself must be a relief. Hopefully the other tests will go well too. Hoping you are not too stressed. Please try and relax and have a good week. Looking forward to hearning more of your news.

    Cas xx

  • I best get a nut Doctor then! I talk to myself all of the time.!

  • Think I'd better come with you to see the nut doctor, I'm always talking to myself, though I pretend that I'm talking to the cat!

  • Take care, david. It's goos that the tests are ok so far. You've got quite a few to get through. One step at a time. Take care Sue x

  • Good luck to you David xx

  • Good luckDavid - I've needed a bit doctor for years!

  • I talk to myself all the time, the only way I get an intelligent conversation.

  • Good news so far - hope the tests tomorrow go well. Take good care, lots of love xxx

  • I talk to myself as I'm the only person I can get any sense from!

  • Get a dog.. talk to that and you won't need a psychiatrist.. lol

    best wishes.

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