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Medicine given too quick off doc?

Hi everyone hope everyones ok. Havent posted for a while just quick question.

Ive coughed up slight green then dark green past few days.

Felt like I had flu yesterday sinus headaches etc chest a bit off yesterday so went docs today as u didnt want sinus infection to travel to chest

Said chest is clear but gave me week of abtibiotics and steroids.

Really confused asked the doc and he said hes giving me them as a preventative measure

Dont know wether to take them as feel better today

Any help would be apreciated as nevwr given this before when chest clear


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I only had bright green bits in mornings then darker today for two days forget to say that.

Not constant coughing of green


If you have been diagnosed with COPD then I would take them as you don't take chances with your chest sometimes you have cough up green because that's your chest protecting its self and sometimes it's an infection so be careful hope you ok soon love jo


Cheers Jo.

Specialist said my lung obstruction wasnt copd

Doc said it could be copd or asthma so guess I shouldnt take chances

Just never been guven preventative antibiotics and steroids before

Many thanks


Hi wartonk, I was coughing up green stuff a few weeks ago.....my chest was clear but I had an upper respiratory infection ....Doxycline sorted it.


Cheers knitter.

Is it normal to give pred steroids as well even though chest clear its 40mg a day ( three-five day dose) depwnding on how i feel he said.

Again thankyou i know i dont come on a lot but I appreciate all your help and hope you are all ok


Hi wartonk, I take a maintenance dose of pred every day anyway...I have tried to get off it a few times though.


Sorry you are dealing with all this. It is a toss up when it comes to taking antibiotics as a preventative. In one respect, it will hopefully ward off any infection that may be brewing. The bad side is that using antibiotics as a preventative can cause issue down the line with resistant bacteria. I have personal experience with this. I am prone to getting Urinary tract infections and due to having taken antibiotics in the past to prevent them I am now resistant to quite a few antibiotics out there. This is Not a good thing. Now if I get a feeling of having an infection I have to go leave urine samples to culture just to be sure there is an actual infection and to see which antibiotics will even work to kill it. I have an infectious disease doctor who helps me. He told me it is super important Not to take antibiotics unless absolutely necessary.

Now for you, it is a toss up, I mean you surely do not want to get a chest infection with having issues as it is. If you are feeling better today, you could always wait another day and see how you feel tomorrow. If you feel like you are still not good or worse again you can always take them. Hope you feel better soon.


Thanks ihurt. Chest feels better today just head and sinus pain etc. Just weary now about the predisilone. My chest was off yesterday as it always is when it rains due to asthma and pollen/ mold allergies.

Just wondering what the high dose of predisilone(40mg) a day for 5 days is for when chest is clear. Was doing 3-4 miles on treadmill 2 days before.

Thanks everyone hope younall have a good night and weekend take care


The steroids are to help with clearing the infection as well as the ab's. I find now that ab's alone for a chest infection aren't enough and that it doesn't usually clear up without a short course of steroids as well. It is quite high but it is only for 5 days and is the standard dose to give your immune system a boost. x


Cheers coughalot. Got more imformative advice off all of you thanks. I realise docs are on a tight schedule when emergemcy appoitments made and they cant answer all questions.


My docs advice would be to do without if you can. Give it another day, if it continues to improve I'd put em in the drawer for a worse day. And if its not on your chest I'd not start the preds either way. Tell the GP you didn't need them so they correct your records


Hi W

If you saw your GP, and he told you to take them as a preventative measure, l would take his advice.

You may feel better, but who knows whether those little germs are still lurking in your system ready to start another attack...take no chances...get in first, and kill the little buggers !!!!!

Better to be safe than sorry

Velvet x πŸ˜‚

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it is normal if you have bad lungs they don't like to take chances , when I was first diagnosed I went to the doctors a couple of times for chest infections he wasn't 100% sure if I had one but said he was giving me antibiotics as he wasn't going to take any chances and that particular doctor never give out antibiotics unless he is really forced too, he is that bad people have had to go to a &e to be told their doctor should have given then antibiotics days ago ,

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Again many thanks to you all,hope your all ok and enjoy your weekend 😊


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