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Lung & Heart Maters .... To Me

Lung & Heart Maters .... To Me

Past few day's have not been good feeling quite ill with perhypertension than can be caused by pulmonary hypertension that is caused by my Lung Fibrosis Granuloma Infection or fluid.

Guess with Lung Diseases it's like stick tail on the donkey most days.

Anyway am sat here dosed up on Asprin as that's only thing I found helps THINKING how seriously unimpressed I am with my GP.

Prehypertension them numbers should not be making me feel this wasted and dizzy THATs why I think this more going on.

(1) more breathless (2) chest has been more congested (3) my guts stomach discomfort

Previously I would just dismis symptoms as life with lung disease BUT given asprin made me feel better I THINK I need to have word with my gp.

Symtoms I have just read out could of been heart failure caused by some edema or congestion EVEN rank virus trying it on.

Tomorrow I will be going to my GP and geting this hypertension heart stuff sorted out AND finding out just what the not telling me.

Just because we have a pulse dose not mean we don't need some preventative medicine.

So I will be talking to my doctor about my blood test and if any of my test have shown elevated or positive for TROPONIN as that is a marker for our endless list of heart lung troubles given our conditions.

Pulmonary hypertension and prehypertension lung troubles I think GP's needs to take bit more serious.

Guess that's why those with lung dieases as heights mortality rate in uk as people like my self are walking round with a pulse and because it's not medical emergancy and I am walking round they must think it's ok.

Well I will be seeing my doctor and telling him just how NOT ok it is

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hi bud with those figures why are you not on heart drugs asprin only stops clots or blood plates from sticking together, being in pre hypertension all the time with your readings will make and copd with it we are in the same boat I'm stage 3 severe waiting to get my wonkey ticker sorted caused by copd did you know a lot of copd peeps develop heart problems any way welcome to the club hope you get on f you gain from it in sitting hear the same as you but my heart meds don't work and I keep jerking awake after about I hours sleep they wont do anything until hear about my ablation

when you take your bp again check to see is the wobbly heart simble is highlighted that would count for feeling giddy

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Hi Squady Did the happen to tell you about heart trouble when medical emergancy .. Yer I know lung shhh and heart shhh go hand in hand.

My gp when ever I have gone as said it's not that bad my bp but he not having my issues with it .

But yer little heart symbol as displayed now and again ... Am there in morning so going to give them grilling.

Thanks for reply and hope things settle down for you


ive heard of higher bp readings but as you say its what goes with it. I have lost halve a lung and suffer bronchiectasis and stage three copd which is progressing but each time I get sick I don't bounce back any more so I get puffy just going to the toilet. as far as im concerned they can put in a pacemaker and wipe out the atrial signal

wish you well with your med team I will just curl up and rest no point in going to see my doctor as m under the heart and chest clinics of the hospital keep in touch

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Hi Squady Cheers I went seen doctor .. He said you don't get symptoms from that level of BP said I might of had bug.

Anyway I asked him about TROPONIN would that be circulating in my blood stream given my lung dieases.

Anyway he said it would not AND general practice never dose test for it " interesting "

Anyway I think my doctor needs to read get out bit more and I guess that's why copd mortality as stayed unchanged.

Since TROPONIN test heart diseases mortality as dropped 10% in last year SO must be something init.

Anyway here is what my doctor most GPs need to read :

Multiple factors are associated with cTnT elevation, probably reflecting the wide panorama of comorbid conditions typically seen in COPD. The positive association between neutrophils and cTnT elevation is compatible with the concept that an exaggerated inflammatory response in COPD exacerbation may predispose for myocardial injury.

So am going to do test TO prove I am right and gp's doctors are money saving & wrong


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