Magnesium and COPD

i was told last year i had stage 4 COPD and was on oxygen all night and when ever i got up from a sitting position during the day. i had been reading about magnesium and COPD and decided to try the lowest dose i could find of magnesium. what i bought was magnesium 250 mg and started taking one pill each day two months ago. (if you take calcium/vitamin D supposed to separate the times you take them.) i have been amazed at the improvement. hope if others try it, they see the same improvement. God Bless!

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  • Thank you for that, jarc13. You say you've been amazed at the improvement. Do you mean that your breathing is easier? If so, I might try it. Thanks.

    Keep well, Sue x

  • also worth trying a multi vit - can't do any harm can they.

  • Most multivitamins contain beta carotene (artificial) which has repeatedly been shown to considerably increase your risk for lung cancer if you are a smoker.

    An Australian study showed that that risk remained up to 10 years after ceasing smoking. The risk decreased with each year of non-smoking.

  • How many COPD stages are there and also what are the signs and symptons of each stage please jarc13

  • i googled it and this is what i found:

    Stage 1 – very mild COPD.

    Stage 2 – moderate COPD.

    Stage 3 – severe emphysema/chronic bronchitis.

    Stage 4 – very severe COPD.

    Hope this info helps..

  • Thank you jarc13 I believe I have stage 2 once again many thanks for your reply. Bobsie1

  • Thanks for that Jarc, I will get some, anything that may help is worth a try!

  • Definitely worth asking for a blood test and then you can be prescribed supplement if you are low. In hubby with severe emphysema it affects breathing, muscle tremors and sleep and he is prescribed it regularly. Many docs seem a bit unaware of it

  • I do know you have to be careful with Vitimins, but that applies to everyone doesn't it? not only COPD sufferers.

    Nothing can beat a good healthy balanced diet - which we are all guilty of changeing as we get older. There is always an excuse to snack rather than sit & eat a meal. However you have to blame the work lifestyle nowadays as well. Where are the staff canteen you used to get or the 1 hour lunch breaks - lucky if they get 15 minutes to gulp down a sandwich!

    That is why a lot of people supplement their diet with Vitimin pills.

  • Hello Jarc13 - I was most interested to read your Post and delighted that you're finding the Magnesium is working for you.

    I don't have COPD but have Bronchiectasis (moderate level). I see an Immunologist every 6 months and he found, via some blood tests I had done about a year ago, that I had very low levels of Vitamin D (this is fairly typical with Bronchiectasis patients though) and that I also needed to take a magnesium supplement every day too, along with several other supplements.

    I think it would be well worth asking your GP to refer you to an immunologist to see what levels you are low on anyway.

    Keep well and have a happy Sunday.

  • Hi jarc13 your post is very interesting. I have had COPD for over 20 years. I also have osteoporosis for which my GP prescribed medication. I am a great one for researching medication and I did not like what I found about this medication for the osteoporosis so I researched natural remedies. This research led me to find that you need calcium and other vitamins and minerals to help the calcium be absorbed so the supplement I take contains the following:- High levels of calcium, MAGNESIUM, vitamin D3 and zinc. The inclusion of vitamin D3 helps to assist in calcium absorption whilst zinc contributes to the maintenance of normal bones (contains 267mg calcium, 125mg magnesium, 1.67mcg vitamin D3, 667mcg Boron, 330mcg copper and 3.33mg zinc.) I checked this out with my doctor and she is happy for me to take the supplement. So it would seem that magnesium is good for several things. Take care x

  • Thank you - just ordered some

  • Thank you for sharing this. I will give it a try.

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