Julia Bradbury walks - part 2!

Julia Bradbury walks - part 2!

It took almost four hours, seriously aching legs, destroyed the arthritic knees, burnt the remains of the lungs ... and I really don't care 'cause I DID IT!

From a start of 3 degrees, gentle wind that, on a summers day would hide the sunburn but today ripped every last bit of warmth, whipping past the eyes making them water, thankful of decent gloves and a good pair of walking poles I set off.

The skies darkened a little, I thought I saw a few flakes of snow which was later to become a full-on hail storm! As Alfred W said ... one foot in front of the other. The dogs behaved as usual (should have been on leads but they were controlled), tarmac became loose stone, past the farm who years ago sold delightful mugs of tea but has become a hikers rental property, the landslide from the 4980's is no longer visible and I just dont remember the path being sooooo long! Finally, that slight right hand bend in the track around the foot of the hill and there is was, pristine, clean, tidy and smart. Gone are the muddy wealts replaced with carefully positioned Derbyshire gritstone saving the erosion and with a grip that leaves one sure of their footing.

Ice, the Collie, cooled his feet in the stream while Ted worked out that 4" of water on 3" of legs equals a we belly ... so stayed on dry land!

Couldn't rest for too long, she-who-must-be-obeyed said "don't be all day!" and I'm not brave enough to argue so back to the car to head for home.

I hope you all enjoyed it, I took every one of you with me! I would have posted from the bottom of the ladder but for the lack of a signal.

I'm sure a few tablets, a rest and a good nights sleep will sort all the aches and pains. Thank you for coming with me and thank you for encouraging this moment of insanity ... till next time - have a great weekend ... l have!

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Well done! That was a marvellous achievement! 🏆🏅just goes to show what can be done with a bit of effort. 

You'll certainly sleep well tonight in a deep contented sleep. 

Wonder where you'll go next weekend? Let us know & we'll come on a virtual walk with you 💐

Thank you, ... next weekend? ... hum, not sure the joints will stand up to a second weekend. Might settle for a potter in the garden!

Bloody well done y-not, your a blummin HERO!! for doing that and not even in good conditions. My limit is around 2 hours when the sun shines and about 1/2 hour in conditions like you were walking in if that.

Its all that Julia's fault for getting us out there but ain't she just brilliant for it!!  :) . Keep it up y-not and later this year you'll be sending us a photo from the top of Jacobs Ladder or even Ben Nevis Ha Ha.

Sweet memories - and most important was that the red telephone box is still there AND still working! Well done to BT for that!

vimeo.com/163129787 is a 90 second record of the day

Congratulations and thanks for taking us with you ....in sprit if not in body!

We had the hail storm here too,,,,but I just saw it out of the window. I bet your dogs enjoyed the outing , looks like your Ted is reading the NT sign.

Hi y-not  that's an awesome achievement well done x

Thank you - inspired by all you people!

Well done you are an inspiration. Moi x

Thanks Moi62 - feel so good for pushing myself - remind me I need to push more often!

Many congratulations.  It must be very satisfying to have achieved your goal!  I hope you don't ache too much tomorrow.

Tee x

Ah, tomorrow is now! I do (ache too much) but sometimes we have to be silly and push too hard. How could I have missed these views? vimeo.com/163129787

Wonderful photos...thank you.

Well done again.

Tee x

Oh well done ! 

I just logged on now to see if you'd posted. 

That Julia's really started something hasn't she ? I can see lots more HU hikes up ahead. 

Congratulations again, that was a real achievement.

I blame you! Who was it said "Go for it Tony!" ... oh, and the pictures ... vimeo.com/163129787

For some unknown reason I can only see the beginning of the video and then it keeps freezing. But from what I've seen the countryside is classic Peak District, wild and beautiful. Derbyshire has always appealed to me since I discovered DH Lawrence at an impressionable age. Spent a weekend in Buxton in 2013 and visited, Eyam (  probably spelt incorrectly), Bakewell and another village with a very impressive cathedral. It was lovely but not quite 'Peaky' enough for me. The tamer side of the Peak District maybe. Hopefully I'll be able to see the full video eventually and appreciate your journey fully.

 What a great achievement.  You are an inspiration to the rest of us.  Of course we enjoyed it - just wish we could have been with you in real life.  


Thanks Jennifer, in case you weren't paying attention vimeo.com/163129787

Thankyou y_not...................sorry, but what I meant was physically there putting one leg in front of the other, and I wondered why you hadn't posted a link but I see it a few letters up from your post, and when we come back from our morning walk of (sssshhhhh one mile)  I will sit with a coffee and come out with you. I bet you are on top of the world today:-)


Sorry, just messing around, I didn't mean any offence. (Just joking about people being with me but not paying attention) - I was actually alone, much to the amusement of the many walkers who shot past me at about a hundred miles an hour as I staggered, gasped and rested every few steps!

No offence taken..........I think you are still on a "high" and why not y_not? You are a good man to encourage us all this way. I have to get a move on now - Merlin is pacing the floor dragging his lead and one of my boots..

Well done Y-not, brilliant result but no doubt at a cost to your stable health but you achieved your goal and boosted your moral. Time to relax and have a well earned rest. Take care x

Very well done, inspiration to all of us.


Just watched your snaps taken along the way. Its great to see that I'm not the only crazy fool who gets out there and pushes things to the limit and beyond. Well done y-not, really enjoyed taking that walk with you,Ice and Teddy up to the foot of Jacobs ladder. 😊

Thanks - think your photos motivated me!

Nice to think so as that is my reason for my virtual walks

Well done! makes me think "must do better" hope you're not aching too much today x

Just off again!! But today I've hired a Tramper - no walking for this one today!

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