Feeling Rough

Just phoned doctors as I have tight chest and coughing up lots to be told no appointments till 20th can go and sit at open surgery all afternoon. Would really like to know why it is booked so far in advance I don't know I am going to feel ill in 3 weeks so only need to see someone when I feel rough our doctors is a joke see why it's only got 1 and half star rating

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  • Oh Jeanjt, sorry to hear you're feeling unwell. Any chance you could have a phone consultation so you won't have to sit in open surgery queue?

    If I can't get to see my GP, I'm always given a phone call by him that day.

    Do you have emergency abs you can start? 

    Hope you see someone soon & feel better. 🌷

  • No I don't have anything for emergency and our doctors do not let you talk to them on phone 

  • my GP calls this the mid staffs syndrome. As long as they have met their targets they do not bother listening to patients or trying to help them. At my surgery you can always see somebody on the day you phone. I just went in for bloods and my GP came into the room and says he wants me in hospital asap because my xray came back pleural effusions both lungs. There seem to be so many of us with nasty things at the moment.

  • Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly. Does your surgery not do any book on the day appointments? Ours have so many bookable in advance and so many book on the day but you have to ring early or they have all gone, I go round now for 8am so I can get in that day. Another option is call new doc at the hospital they may be able to give you an appointment. 

    Please take care 


  • No on Mondays you can only go to open surgery which can take hours which is not very nice when you don't feel well could get an emergency one tomorrow but really need to see someone today 

  • Dose your  Surgery not have an on call doctor you could speak to 

  • Not right is it. Only you know your lungs and can judge if you can get through another night and take an emergency appointment tomorrow.

    Is there a drop in clinic at a local hospital? P

  • My surgery is the same, seems impossible t see a doctor. The good thing is that I can usually get an appointment the same or next day with a COPD nurse who knows more about COPD than most of the GPs.

  • It sounds like a case for ringing 111 you will speak to a health adviser who will get a doctor to call you back if nessesary. The last time I did this I was told to go to a and e and the time before I had two first response workers and then my gp I only got two as one was on holiday and two minutes from my house so he answered the response he was followed about five mins later by the one on call and then my gp a few minutes after. I have found this a good service with good advice. Worth a try. Rosabeth

  • All the surgeries in south Cheshire can't recruit enough doctors to cover all their clinics, because there just aren't enough GPs looking for a job who want to come to south Cheshire.  At our surgery's last Patient Participation Group meeting the senior partner GP was trying not to shed a tear as he described how the practice he built up is sliding into chaos.  He said that patients will no longer be able to see a doctor routinely, and nurse specialists will have to deal with a lot of the more routine appointments, to allow what doctors there are to deal with the cases that really do need a doctor, not just a form filler.

  • Hi Jeanjt, when we have chronic illness it is very difficult to cope with the new medical system. I am at a large practice but still have to book appointments in advance to be told there is only one in several weeks time and I don't even see my own GP. However in emergency or urgent need I either get a telephone call or any doctor I can't fault the urgent cover only the fact I have to walk to the surgery no matter how ill or get a taxi. I totally agree with you waiting three weeks is stupid when they are trying to stop people from being admitted to hospital. But there is only so much a small practice or large can do. The only community services seem to be at the GPs. Hope you feel better soon.

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