6 month review

Had my lung function tests today ,,,,rather surprisingly ,,,,they were the same as 6 months ago ,,,,so I must have recovered from my winter of illness ,,and diet of medications,,,,,so no changes to my medication , happy with the results after a tough 3 months ,follow up appointment in 6 months time ,,,,I must be doing something right ,

And Thankyou everyone for your support over the last 3 months ,

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  • Glad you had good results Nanny. Hope you stay as well as possible.

    Take care Xxx 

  • Hi ,thanks sassy ,you to ,

  • Good news Nanny - pleased for you hun.   cx

  • Thanks Cofdrop ,

  • Good news Nanny I wish I could say the same thing take care x

  • Hi ,it's been a long road back ,but if I can turn the corner ,,,,then I'm sure you will. I wish you well,

  • Once I see the immunologist and see if there is any thing they can do. I will feel a lot better take care x

  • I wish you well ,

  • Brilliant news Nanny 1086. Spring is just around the corner we can all watch the flowers grow and lap up the sunshine, hopefully!!

    Keep well and best regards

  • Hi ,Thankyou ,it's sssoooo good to feel as good as I do today ,,,,,onwards and upwards ,,,,pulmary rehab here I come ,,,,,well Tuesday ,haha,,,,we have a lovely show of daffodils,,,,,and the swans are back on the canal it must be Spring ,,,,

  • Great news nanny. I'm just envious, "6 month review"??? Had mine in January .... first one in TWO YEARS!

    My surgery nurse is hopeless, so I'm not really surprised, diagnosed 4 years ago and two years ago she did spirometry (she is hopeless at reading the results) and confirmed to me that I DIDN'T HAVE COPD! I thanked her for curing me and got up to leave before she decided to get a second opinion ... seems I relapsed in the minutes it took to get the second opinion.

    I can only cope with this amount of humour on a bi-annual basis!

    Pleased for you

  • Hi ,,That's terrible ,I'm lucky ,,I have excellent  care ( hubby daily ) and I have the COPD nurses number between 9 am to 5 pm 5 days a week,and they will come out to me as and when I need them ,I also see them when I'm at the gym ( when I'm well ) two days a week so if I need any help they're always there,,,,,I also have a good GP ,,,although it's sometimes difficult to see him ,,,,I see the COPD specialist nurse practioner every 3 months and I see my consultant every six months and have lung function tests each time,

    My life is too precious to be treated the way you have been treated ,maybe it's time for you to speak up ,and tell them your NOT satisfied with your care plan ,

    I wish you well ,take care ,


  • Excellent news Nanny, you must be chuffed to bits.  Definitely doing things the right way.  It's good to have it reinforced with the tests. Long may you do well:-)



  • Hi Jennifer,it's brilliant news isn't it ,,,I couldn't believe it ,,,,I was expecting something totally different after the last 3 months ,take care xx

  • Well done Nanny! Long may it continue xx

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