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Had My first day out shopping today since before Xmas ,,,my daughter took me to Meadow Hall ,I was ok once my legs remembered how to do more than 4/5 steps at a time,,,,new shoes and handbag ( hubby must not be told of this ) hahaha,,,,,,

Had a really lovely day ,,,but sooooo nice to be home again ,,,feet up ,a nice cup of tea and chocolate biscuits ,,,,then an early night for me ,

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  • Ssshhh, your secret is safe with me Nanny. Glad you had a lovely day. Sleep well. Xxx

  • Thank you Sassy ,,,,It's my naughty daughters fault ,,,,,she said mum you've been stuck in the house nearly 4 months ,,,,time to treat yourself haha,,,,,๐Ÿ‘œ๐Ÿ‘žโ˜•๏ธ๐Ÿฐโ˜•๏ธ๐Ÿ๐Ÿท๐Ÿ›Œzzzzz

  • I call it Meadowhell... Hate the place!

    I used to have to change trains there to get to work when it first opened in 1990. In the early days I had a wander around, and really wore myself out. That was before I was diagnosed with COPD...

    I don't know what it is with women and shopping, they are welcome to the place as far as I'm concerned... :-)

    These days I wouldn't even consider it, my chest went tight at the very thought...

    Good to hear someone enjoyed their day out though.

  • Think I'll have to try another shopping place,,,,,seems no one likes Meadow hall ,,,,it was the first visit there for me ,,,,,it might be my last,

    Or then again ,,,,what suits one doesn't suit all ,,,,,

  • Hi nanny, the advantage of Meadowhall is that's it's all under cover and there are places to sit, but I find it so airless . My daughters the same ,,,goes pale and starts yawning, so it's time to make for the door to get some fresh air.

    She's the same as you with the bath bombs too

    But it's great that you could get out.

  • Hi ,I know what you mean,,,,one of the reasons to go there was ,,,my daughter was going on business,,,and like you say there are plenty of seats around ,,,just to catch your breath,,,,to which I took full advantage of ,,,,,,for my 1st day out ,,,,it was very tiring ,,,,but I had a nice day ,,,,

  • Hi ,Gorden ,Haha ,

    I've been stuck in the house since early Xmas ,, pneumonia and then pleurisy,,,,so I deserved a day out ,,,,it wasn't nessasarily the thought of shopping it was more of quality time with my daughter,( she had to go up there on business) but of course a lady can't resist a bit of shopping ,,,,,it wouldn't be right to go home with no parcels ,,,,,,nearly didn't make it though ,,,,,as we passed the Lush bath bomb shop ,,,,,fair took my breath away ,had to use my inhaler ,,,,and I don't know what these places use for flooring but my feet were killing me ,,,,,might be another 3 months before I go anywhere again ,hahaha,

  • Aw sleep! So lovely to hear you enjoyed your day x

  • Sooooo tired ,,,trying sooooo hard to listen and show interest to hubby about all in the work in the garden he has been doing all day ,,,,zzzzzz

  • Sounds like you had a happy day, Nanny 1086. I have to confess, I prefer chocolate biscuits to shopping ๐Ÿ˜‹

    Tee x

  • Decisions decisions,,,,oh ,,,,,,,I'll have both ,,,,twice ,haha

  • What a great pick me up. Glad to hear you had a nice day and a treat for yourself. :-) janx

  • Thanks Jan ,,,,have to say it was the best medicine I've had for a very long time ,haha,

  • So glad you enjoyed your day out but I must admit to being a traitor to the female sex, I hate shopping, the only thing I shop for is shoes as you have to try them on, usually get everything on line, used to go food shopping with my husband and we always ended up having words as he liked to browse and as he said my shopping style was like going on a raid.

  • That sounds good to me ,,,,but ask my daughter about me and shopping for shoes,,,,,I think she'd sooner be at work as I have got

    terrible feet ( hammer toes ) ,,,so shoe shopping is a nightmare ,,,,but I did get a nice stone coloured pair of leather loafers ,hope they'll be comfy ,,,,as for food shopping ,,,,,I spend a fortune and there's only two of us ,I see these recipes,,,buy everything ,,,,,then don't make it ,so in the bin with everything ,,,,have to say I did almost all my Xmas shopping online as I was soooo poorly ,and it was quite nice ,,a surprise parcel delivered every day ,,,,all good ,,,,got to quite like it ,and hubby was delighted as he HATES shopping ,

  • It's good to spend time with your family take care hope you get out again soon it always makes me feel better x

  • Family always put a smile on our face , they have to go to work ,,,so we have to take advantage of any opportunity to share their day ,

  • Well done you...! for getting out and about after such a long time being indoors poorly..and treating yourself too is even deserved it Nanny1086..and at least hubby reeped the rewards too, by not being dragged around the shop's...! Glad you had a good day, you enjoy them biscuits and get dunking...

    Lynne x ๐ŸŒน

  • Hi Lynne ,thank you ,,,,,yes dragging is about right ,,haha,,,,I have to say I was getting to the point where I didn't want to go any where ,,,,,but I'm glad I was with my daughter,she understands when I need to just sit down and when enough is enough ,it was tough going ,,,feet throbbed those mall floors are so unforgiving on your feet. So a day of rest tomorrow before I see consultant on Wednesday ,,,I'm not expecting great numbers in lung function tests,,,,,last August I was great and he was really pleased ,,,,,,we will see,

  • God love's a tryer..maybe you should have gone bare foot on the mall..ha, ha, but I know what you mean Nanny, my feet would have been the same as I'm quite hard an elephant, thud, thud, thud..ha, ha, and my feet have a tendency to get very hot. I walk around bare foot in the house most of the time, unless my pinkys start to get cold. I know the feeling of looking at 4 walls and talking to them! I've not been out either since middle of December last year. Only for appointments, not been strong enough or well enough. So it must have been a big challenge for you and spending quality time with your daughter was a bonus I'm sure....besides the loafers etc..hope they are comfy for you by the way! You can now rest today and eat as many biscuits as you want Nanny...good luck on Wednesday keep us posted...

    Lynne x ๐ŸŒน

  • Hi Lynne ,,,I hope you manage to get out ,,,a little at a time ,it seems we've both had a tough winter and I'm sure there are many more like us ,,,I had a good sleep last night ,,,much needed haha, a bit of back ache this morning ,,,,,I haven't as yet been to the gym for pulmary rehab ,,,,maybe that will be the next step ,,,,however I did give it a try a couple of weeks ago and over did it on the bike ,,,,bum and leg ache ,haha,,,oh the joys of being old ,haha,take care Lynne,โ˜•๏ธ๐Ÿ’

  • So pleased you enjoyed your day out and had quality time with your daughter and treat yourself to something nice. It must be great just to have got out of the preverbal 4 walls x

  • hi crafty one ,,,,,it was a lovely day ,,,paying the price today ,,,,,back ache etc ,,,,,but a lovely day out never the less,,

  • Glad you enjoyed your day Nanny1086 x

  • Hi Katie ,thankyou I did have a lovely day ,,,,but I think I over did it ,,,got terrible back ache ,,,,,oh well just something Elise to over come ,x

  • Pleased you had a lovely day and a women can never have enough shoes and handbags

  • That's what I keep telling my hubby,,,,,but men ,,,well they just don't understand ,,,,,if your having a fat day and nothing looks right ,,,,,,buy a bag or shoes ,,,,,happy lady ,,,,๐Ÿ‘œ๐Ÿ‘›๐Ÿ‘ 

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