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I have been using Fostair for some time now but have found that it looses its effectiveness as the inhaler is used.

This really caught me out this time ,after a infection, when I was not getting any benefit from the inhaler at all. Changing to a new one radically improved my breathing.

Checking the old one it still had 30 puffs left in it.

I know that the inhaler should be stored in a fridge but I'm wondering if it should still be kept cold whilst I'm using it.

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Fostair should not be stored in the fridge, the only recommendation is same as all medicines do not store above 25c.

The storage instructions are on the box, and in the instructions for use.

As this is a loose powder device, maybe it as been affected by being in the fridge

The only Fostair that requires storing in the fridge is 200/6.

I use the FostairNexthaler.

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On the box it says "Prior to dispensing to the patients store in a refrigerator at 2c to 8c"

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Extract from manufacturers website.

Prior to dispensing to the patient:

Store in a refrigerator (2-8°C) (for a maximum of 15 months).

After dispensing:

Do not store above 25°C (for a maximum of 5 months).

The canister contains a pressurised liquid. Do not expose to temperatures higher than 50°C. Do not pierce the canister.


Hello Edam,

I'd love to know how you can tell how much is left in the Fostair cannister?

The leaflet says store in the refrigerator only until opened. I thenput mine on the bathroom windowsill..

Hope this helps and I also hope you can answer my question.

Jennifer xx

Hi Edam, someone posted some time ago asking if anyone else found that their preventer inhaler lost its effectiveness even when there were doses left.

I agreed and I had told my pharmacist who was noncommittal. But others disagreed I still don't know the answer.

Sorry....I hope your Fostair works better for you out of the fridge

I'm wondering if the dosage from each puff is averaged out over the cycle.

What I mean is that you could be getting a higher dose from a new canister but a lower dose from a older canister.

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Hi Edam, I always give my inhaler a good shake before I use it so hopefully the powder medication is distributed evenly but I do notice it is less effective towards the end...but others disagree.

I hope you are feeling better now

What is disturbing is that a nurse visited me on Thursday but she did not suggest using a new canister. I tried that for myself and glad I did.

Something I have learnt is to always have a new canister around


I am the same if I go out and I know I will be out later than 5 I will take mine out with me as I will need it it suppose to last 12 hours but it do not take care

I also take Fostair when I collect from the chemist they have all my prescription bagged up except for the Fostair which they take direct from the fridge with the instruction on returning home put into fridge until needed then keep at room temperature. I have never noticed that it doesn't work so well when you are part way through it. I have also been advised by respiratory nurse and specialist not to be afraid to take extra doses if sob along with the ventolin.

Why should it be kept in the fridge ? I haven't been aware of that. I started on it on Sunday after a bad episode of emphysema and the 3rd month on spiriva which didn't help. Spent the morning in Aand E on Sunday and went away with a 5 day course of prednisolone and the foster. I am feeling that my front thigh muscles are very achy since yesterday.

It only has to be stored in the fridge until the first use then it can be kept at room temperature. I don't know why it is suddenly ok to keep it at room temperature once it's started. My fostair inhalers were given to me from the fridge each time in a white zip lock bag with a blue snowflake sticker sealing it ☃️

Many thanks for your reply

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