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Birthday breathing problems?


So since last week,since getting the first cold I,ve had in three years( many chest infections though ) y breathing has got gradually worse.On Paddies day I was sixty,one hour into the 18th just going to the loo had me gasping to breathe.Off to GP s I did,nt want another Saturday morning (early) in A&E.Chest checked is clear .Back on 30mg Devils smarties (prednisolone).Should be back down to maintainance dose by Brompton appointment.I remember I actually came out of hospital on my birthday last year,I wondering if it,s just this time of year,weather wise,or if something else is going on.

Any thoughts?Tried to keep this one short you might need to check my earlier posts to understand some bits of it.Happy breathing!D.

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Bless you Farmer D hope you feel better and breathe better soon. Pete is very sob so it could be weather or just how things are.

Take care Xxx

FarmerD in reply to sassy59

Thank you Sassy,Regards to you and Pete.D.

happy birthday, it's a bit much to get a cold for your birthday though :) hope you feel better soon xx

FarmerD in reply to diesel12

I had a very nice birthday actually with my family,thanks.

happy birthday davy

FarmerD in reply to aberdeenman

Thanks Tam,How you doing ?D.

aberdeenman in reply to FarmerD

hi davy im not bad been on holiday from work this week and done nothing but clean lol

FarmerD in reply to aberdeenman

Don,t you ever rest man? Lol good luck buddy.D.

Hi Ya Farmer D

Perhaps you are a little run down, are you worried about anything... Like the Tories winning the next election 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Seriously l am sorry to hear you are not feeling to good, and wish you a speedy recovery.

The Meds will taste better now you are 60 and are free 😂😂

Velvet xx

FarmerD in reply to velvet55

Hi Velvet,funny that ,even the Devils smarties have a little sweetness to them.David 💐

Happy Birthday for yesterday! 🎂🎈🎊🎉🍰

Sorry you're feeling unwell but at least you were checked over & hopefully you'll stay infection free.

Could be the weather, it's so changeable. One minute it's freezing the next day it's like Spring.

Do hope you're ok for Brompton.

Take care of yourself 🌸

FarmerD in reply to Jessy11

Thanks Jessy,hope you are well too.You may be correct.D. 🌺

velvet55 in reply to Jessy11

Hi Jessy

Weather bad........Blame the Tories...😂😂



Jessy11 in reply to velvet55

Of course Velvet! They deserve all the blame 😂😂😂

Hi David hope you soon feel better


FarmerD in reply to newlands

Thank you Dorothy,hope you are well.D. 🌸

Belated Happy Birthday Farmer, maybe the cold making you extra sob, I've been really lucky cold wise, years since I had one, wish it was the same with infections! Always sob though. Xx

FarmerD in reply to Sheilab123

Thanks Sheila,I am always short of breath but this is just a joke,just standing up has Me gasping ,It's horrible,Take care.D. 🌺

Happy Birthday wishes for your sixtieth, hope you feeling better soon. Love the name Devils smarties....!

Take care Peg xxx

Happy Birthday! Hope you are better soon.


Happy belated birthday FarmerD. Sorry to hear about your breathing though. x

FarmerD in reply to Hidden

Thanks Cough.D.

Happy birthday, could be weather as well cos' the damp and cold certainly make me cough. Hope you feel better soon. janx

FarmerD in reply to grannyjan

Thanks Jan,D.

Hi Dave

We are birthday twins! My birthday is on Paddies day to. I actually just got over a virus myself. This weather is terrible. 60 degrees today. Sunday, we're looking at cold temps and snow! Thought we were done with that.

Sorry you're having so much trouble with your breathing. Please let us know how you're doing.😊 Last year, my dad passed away 4 days before my birthday. This year ,

my uncle died on my birthday. Talk about Paddies day birthdays, right? Happy belated birthday!

Rubyxx 😊 😊

FarmerD in reply to rubyred777

Hi Ruby,condolences for your bereavement.Just proves I should,nt moan,there,s always some body worse off.I don,t think I have ever met a person with the same birthday,if we met we could link pinkies like kids lol.Daft thing is I,m in London and the weather is pretty mild really.The way I,m feeling I think I might have a tummy bug,still feel like being sick.They did bloods at the hospital and everything was normal so I don.t know.Just have to grin and bare it.So much for trying to get fit for my op.Oops nearly forgot happy belated birthday to you too.Take care of yourself Ruby.D.xx 🌺


I missed your Birthday, and I hope it was a lovely day for you. I also hope that your chest infection is clearing and you are feeling a bit better by now.

Jennifer. x

FarmerD in reply to Hidden

Hi Jennifer,thank you ,yes I did have a lovely birthday.My wife got me a very posh leather waistcoat which I wear with pride.My son got me a mini studio thingy for my guitar which is amazing and he cooked our meal.They had steak ,I had a fried egg with sauté potatoes because of my dickie tum.The steroids are beginning to work so can actually move about without thinking I,m going to pop my clogs.Take care,keep smiling.D. 🌹

Hidden in reply to FarmerD

I'm happy they are kicking in, and you had a perfect day! What a lovely thoughtful family.


Hope the smarties are starting to work for you farmer D.

I can have problems this time of year but I think its self inflicted. I always start doing to much to soon as the weather starts to improve. I went a little crazy last weekend and suffered for it. Had a good day midweek so trimmed a tree back in the garden and have paid for it again.

I'm feeling better this morning and am already thinking of what I can do out in the garden, it seems I just can't learn 😊

FarmerD in reply to dall05

Hi Dall,you Take it easy now.What with you and Tam I feel a right lazy old git.I seem to suffer enough without over doing it,or am I just a woose?Was it you that coined the term Devils smarties? My memory is atrocious.They are starting to calm the breathing thank goodness.Take care.D.

A belated happy birthday Farmer, it's great to hear you still managed to have a good one dispute feeling so breathless. I hope your feeling better by now. xx

FarmerD in reply to casper99

Thanks Casper,getting there slowly but surely.D.

IT could be the time of year. I have just got over a sinus infection and had one at about the same time last year too. Didn't stay in the sinus this time though so onto my emergency antibiotics and took the last ones today. Peak flow is good so hoping it is all gone.

Happy belated birthday Farmer

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