Couch to 5k

I have to admit defeat in trying to achieve this. I am on the second week but realise at 71 perhaps I should stick to week 1 for the time being. I have to say it's all down to the Pulmonary Rehab that I am on that has motivated me to start running again so am very grateful to them. I do loads of walking with my dog so feel this does contribute a lot to my exercise regime along with a little yoga.

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  • You are doing amazingly well so keep on going but don't overdo it.

    Wishing you well. Xxx

  • Thanks Sassy, I appreciate your comments.

  • Excellent!!! Your doing amazing well done x

  • Cheers.

  • might just take you longer to achieve but from a person who couldn't run to save her life, whatever you do doesn't matter as long as you are enjoying it xx

  • Hi very, I admire you for even thinking about it! It takes me all my time walking never mind running!

    Don't overdo the exercise regime though, slow steps so to speak.

    Well done & keep it up 🌻

  • Every step forward is a milestone, whether you make the run or walk. Good for you, and just take it steady :-)

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