Hi I've just seen a consultant for the first time since being diagnosed with COPD two years ago,he has changed my meds from serevent to Relvar ellipta 92micrograms once a day ,has anyone else used this and does it help , I've felt for a long time that the serevent wasn't helping. I'm also going to have a cat scan and other tests, I feel as though I'm coming out of murky water after a long time .

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Hi have recently been changed to relvar Ellipta 92/22 after a year of getting no help from my serevent but it still not helping me but everyone is different. I am now being tested for bronchiectasis. Hope someone else comes on to help you take care

Thanks Amanda can only try, I hope you find something that helps you .

I was on relvar for the past 2 years.  I've had to stop it last week due to the side effects. I really should have read the patient information leaflet. 

Hi md29 could you please tell me what side effects you had ?

Yes certainly, but If I give you a brief insight.

During the first year of using relvar. I don't recall any noticeable symptoms, however they could have been masked by the analgesia I take on a daily basis, however for the past year I have felt like I have had a constant cold, very sore joints, sore back, headaches on a daily basis approximately 2 hours after taking the relvar, extremely sore stomach which I thought was an ulcer. Approximately 6 months ago my tongue started hurting and any spicy food or minty products would irritate it, then i developed what I thought was a chest infection. Subsequently, I was placed on 3 different types of antibiotics plus a nasal spray (which contains the same ingredients as relvar), then I developed an ulcer inside my cheek. For the past 4 months my feet have been increasingly sore at work (I have to stand up for 10 hours per day) were hurting so much I struggled to make it through each day, so upped my intake of analgesia to compensate. My stomach pain increased as did my overall wellbeing...Now here is the interesting bit... So firstly, I went to the doctor with my mouth problem who suggested corsodyl mouthwash and orabase...Then the Dentist who asked if I used an inhaler. This was Last Friday 15th April 2016. I’ve subsequently ceased taking relvar and my other inhaler and the nasal spray. Today, nearly a week later, my headaches have stopped, my bones/joints have little or no pain. I have no headaches, my stomach feels fine and funnily enough I actually feel so damn good.

Wow that is quite a list, I hate taking meds of any kind but since I've been on Revlar my COPD symptoms have improved so much, m so sorry about your side affects ,for me  so far so good, Ihope you find something that suits you, take care

Hi I hope you get some answers. I have always been refused referral to a consultant!

Oh by the way did you know if you don't lock your posts then it and all the replies can go viral on the web? If you don't want to lock them - fine. x

Hi Bev I told the first consultant I saw (horrible man). Oh I understand you have to be at deaths door before you can see a consultant if you have COPD just ignored that took me off the one prednisone I was taking and that was it

That was two years ago and I haven't been clear of infection since !

Take care Bev

Dorothy xx

No I don't think you have to be at deaths door to see a consultant if the medication you have been given dose not work there must be a reason and that has to be investigated and only a consultant can do that I only get to see a consultant when the medication is not working. I would see your GP and insist that you see a consultant if your medication is not helping there must be a reason. Some consultants are very nice and some are not I have had both but that's life take care

It depends on the area you live in I was 12 years before I saw one don't see one any more ,but I have my community matron now and I depend on her

would the community matron be the same as the community copd nurses that I see that come to your house , I find lot of the time you get more help from them than a lot of the consultants and if they are not sure about something or think something needs changing they talk to the consultant any way and he advise them what to do , I was seeing at consultant at the local hospital who was good and very nice but they felt I would be better off going under a more higher consultant at a specialist hospital who they thought would do things to help me stop getting infections he was use less , all he seemed to want to do was lung volume reduction he if couldn't do that he wasn't really interested ,I told told he couldn't do it this year come back next year will test you again see if we can do it , it was funny cos waiting in the waiting room every patient that came out of the consultants room were all talking to their relatives saying how he was going to do tests to see if he could cut a bit of their lung , I would have been better being left under the local consultant who is only a 10 min drive away with no traffic ques , instead of hour and a half drive and then queing up for last 3miles for an extra half hour

I would think its the same as the nurse you see the community matrons look after people with a severe long term illness ,and like you I am happy with the care I get from her ,just getting frustrated at the moment with all this swapping of inhalers that seems to be going on all around

Take care


Must depend on the area you live I only see GP or consultant at respritary clinic but that's fine with me

Hi coughalot how do I lock my posts ?

Hello, great that you're coming out of murky water!! I know nothing about Relvar but there was a query very like yours 8 months ago. It's under Related Posts on the right.

Good luck, Sue

Thanks Sue will check it out x

Hi Jeanielee Been using Relvar ellipta 92 for 7 months now with no side effects . Big improvement in breathlessness & fatigue but also take a spiriva and blue inhaler so don't know if it's all down to Relvar or combination of all 3 but hope it works well for you . Seeing consultant again who prescribed it few months ago and also further tests same day & spirometry so will know if any improvement then . I've also got my annual Copd review with practice nurse at my GP's next week so might know sooner . Good luck with it x

Hi laffer would be interested to know your results ,Good Luck.

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