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Whats going on

I have had asthma for years over the last six years had continues productive cough on seritide spiriva montalukast carbocistteine and ventolin. After years of chest infections about three a year,two chest arrays and seeing a consultant they said it was asthma.So kept having trouble with cough and no energy.Since christmas had 3 lots of antibiotics and steroids which did not make much difference.Saw the practice nurse which said we need to do a sputum test,it came with aspergillos Ihad to do another test but this one came back negative except for chest infection.So referred me to thoracic medicine at the hospital.Went yesterday The consultant said why have you waited 6years to come and see us,i cannot show up you have to be referred.Anyway he was very nice and respectful and on a fews times we will get it sorted,so he put me on antibiotics for two weeks and steroids for 3 weeks tapering off after first week also did another sputum test for aspregillos and othe infections an dto do another sputum sample after the antibiotics also sending me for ct scan where is going to end.Hope I've explained myself right any one gone through the same.

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Last April I had a positive test for Aspergillis and was beside myself with worry. The consultant said that it might not necessarily be of much significance and that it's not unusual for it to show up in sputum tests of people with long term lung conditions. I had a scan after about six weeks and they were confident that it wasn't in my lungs. It hasn't showed up since. So don't worry too much, it might not be serious.

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Hi Benidorm1954, your experience sounds familiar. I had childhood asthma which I grew out of then in 2012 I caught whooping cough age 45 and was coughing severely for 4 months. I subsequently developed chronic sinus problems with rhinitis that would not shift despite lots of steroid sprays etc. My breathing also worsened with lots of coughing/wheezing/tightness until I collapsed was admitted to hospital and found to have asthma and bronchitis. I eventually got referred to The Brompton as suspicion that I was colonised with Aspergillus in sinuses and airways. I however tested negative but they think I have fungus in airways from another fungus not routinely skin prick tested for. Anyway now my asthma has progressed despite max Symbicort inhalations, Montelukast and Prednisolone to severe eosinophilic asthma caused by white blood cells moving from my bone marrow to the lungs causing massive inflammation/mucus production. If I catch a cough/cold I immediately have to go on Doxycycline antibiotic to avoid chest infections which I can no longer fight off. It was full blood count blood tests that showed I had high levels of eosinophillic cells and a Feno test during spirometry that was significantly raised at 81ppb.

Aspergillus is very often present in asthmatic populations but it only becomes dangerous if you have cavities in your lungs through damage/severely impared immune system etc that it can get a toehold in and grow. There are strong antifungal drugs that treat aspergillus (I was on them for 4 months for my sinuses and they worked a treat but they are toxic) even if you had been diagnosed with this particular 'fun-guy' as I call it. It is good you are getting a CT scan and have been put on antibiotics and steroids these should get on top of things to help you begin to feel better. At last you are seeting a consultant to get the right help. I hope all goes well for you, take care keep me posted megan xx


Sounds like you are finally getting some good advice. I think that when you have asthma sometimes the docs assume that all your problems are 'just asthma'. I had a similar problem, though probably only took me four years to get a referral! You may find after the CT scan that you have bronchiectasis, or maybe some other problem. When they know, you can get the right treatment, and reduce some of the other medicines.

Good luck.


Thanks guys it is good to think you are not alone and think it is all in your head I will keep you updated, thanks


Sorry to hear that. Only thing from my experience that might be relevant is that I had problems with the powdered version of seretide - I'd wake up at night coughing so much I was almost choking. I moved over to the spray version which solved it.

Good luck


Similar to my story. Was diagnosed with Bronchiectasis 5/6 years ago after having asthma since birth. Bronchiectasis is mild - at the time I bottom of one lung. Not given anything for it and no breathing exercises suggested or sent for physio no change in inhalers changed although I now find the consultant did suggest that to my Doc who did nothing. Then the year before last because of coughing and amount of mucus went back to Docs to complain again. In first instance just told to see how things go over the next 6 months and to come back for a check. Did that in ?December 2014. Saw a different Doc who sent me for X Ray and to see a consultant - so because of the lack of respiratory consultants in local area went to next area and paid for consultations, had CT Scan and all sorts of sputum tests and blood tests. Showed aspergillus in sputum and CT scan showed a nodule. Of course once that was found couldn't carry on with private consultations as was getting too expensive and also a lot of tests not done privately in this area. I belong to Benenden and they paid for everything but the money was running out and more scans, and biopsies were suggested as they wanted to biopsy the nodule incase it as cancer. After a lot of faffing about here waiting and waiting for scans a friend's wife who is her self a consultant asked me about my tests and told me not to bother with faffing around here but she could see - even though her specialty was not respiratory that it was likely to be aspergillosis and to get myself to the National Aspergillosis Centre at the University of South Manchester. Did this and have not looked back since. Brilliant care and communication they could even see the nodule on the original X Ray where I was told it was clear. They have also set everything I motion for me to have physio, active cycle of breathing to help with phlegm - which I should have had when Bronchiectasis was diagnosed and I am on Itraconazole for the aspergillosis and aspergillus nodule and after 4 months on Itraconazole nodule has shrunk. The professor in Manchester now thinks that nodule is likely to go away completely now. It is a long haul for me to get to Manchester and I need to stay overnight but it has been worth it. My GP surgery admits it knows nothing of, in fact have not heard of aspergillosis and many of them cannot be bothered to find out either. I am so much better i am a different person now. Not saying you can't get good treatment from your own Docs but it may be worth having a look at NAC website and consider getting a referral at some time in the future if you keep testing positive. After waiting 2 weeks to get my referral passed by the Welsh NHS (as healthcare is devolved in Wales so have to go through hoops to go out of area) I then only waited two weeks for my appointment. Such a brilliant place to go. I have now seen them 4 times since August but do not need to go again until July after successful January appointment but will have a Skype consultation sometime next month. I believe there is a different centre for this in Scotland.

Sorry for long post hope I have not bored you.

Good Luck,

As everyone has said this is not unusual in people like us to get this in sputum tests now and again so by just monitoring your sputum you may find that it will come and go. If you do a lot of gardening especially involving compost and leaf mould wear a mask. If you look on the aspergillosis website you will find the correct mask to wear not just a paper one. Better to avoid compost altogether if you can.


Thanks so much for the reply it is along haul,I know aspeggillosis is not heredity my father had the same condition 25 ago and i have seen how it affected his life so just want to know for certain.


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