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Bowel problems


Hi I went to a&e last Friday in extreme tummy pain got ct scan they told me I had an impacted bowel gave me an enema and sent me home after 7 hours. Saturday still in pain by Sunday I couldn't walk so went back to a&e they sent me for an xray gave me painkillers sent me home. Monday was the worst pain so back to a&e and I told them I wasn't leaving till they found out what was wrong. Got another ct scan injected wit dye they said I had an infection that started I my overies spread to my intestine and bowel my temp went up to 39 so in hospital on 2 antibiotics still feel like crap they said I was lucky my bowel didn't burst. Has anyone ever had this before and does anyone know what cud have caused it

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Hello kazzy. I'm afraid I cannot offer anything useful as to what could have caused your problems, I just wanted to say how appalled I am that you were sent home THREE times, still in such pain and with no proper diagnosis. Thank goodness you insisted on further tests and treatment. (I notice it was a weekend).

I do hope you are beginning to feel a bit better..and if not, do please make a fuss.

All the best

Tee x


I hope you are feeling better and home from the hospital soon.

Hope you feel better soon, Kazzy.

Wishing you better very soon Kazakhstan 😊


Hoping you are feeling better today - what an awful experience. Lots of love xxx

I am glad you got treated at A&E, my daughter had a double bowel obstruction just over a year ago. It is good that you were treated in time to prevent a worse outcome.

You know your body and were right to insist on being examined further.It will take a little while to get fully fit again. Stick to the diet recommendations. Take it easy, if you get severe pain, it means an infection which must be treated.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

I've been in hospital recently, abscess and perforated bowel, you have all my sympathy. Mine was caused by an infected diverticulum (little pocket in the bowel), don't know what set it off either!

I was lucky, they took a blood test which showed I had a bad infection so after that they really pulled out all the stops to find it.

Cripes, a simple blood test would have shown an infection in your body. Hells teeth, which hospital if you don't mind my asking?

Thank you, a lesson learned for all of us.

You had a near miss and I wish you a speedy recovery. Peege

Hi the first visit they done blood tests and it showed up an infection but they said it was nothing as tgey were still saying it was constipation. After the third visit I was admitted and after they discovered what was wrong the doc said if they had given me another enema I would be in surgery wit a bursted bowel. I'm getting better hopefully be home Monday they want to test me for crohns disease in a few weeks. The hospital is in Galway I always had great faith in the hospital but after them sending get me home 3 times and only admitting me because I insisted and told them I wasn't Leaving until they could tell me what's wrong have to say god forbid I'd ever be ill again I won't be coming here. They could have done serious damage to my bowel

Tee1008 in reply to kazzy22

Unbelievable!! Maybe you should register a complaint and perhaps save someone else from having the same problems?

I am really pleased you are starting to recover.

Take care

Tee x

Hello kazzy22,,,,Sorry to hear of your problem and trying to get enough help to sort the matter out,,,enema's can be hit or miss,,,,it is so sad that you had to get till monday and back at a&e and force them to look again at your stomach,,,,then finding the problem and the cause,,,,,Lucky your bowel didn't burst,,,lucky,,,,you had the most terrible weekend,,

I hope that you have been given the right treatment and you will get yourself in better condition,,,,

your digestive system and you colons could be struggling with the side effects of your medications,,,codeine, tramadol make this slow down,,,and if your food choices have not had enough fibre,,,and foods that make the stomach work,,then your body tends to slow down,,,,and everything then backs up,,,and if you cannot go when you get the 'call' then the message is lost,,,,

I have to use ,tinned fruit in juice especially pineapples, prunes and live yoghurts with cooked fruit, apples my favourite,,,,senna tablets are in use and even lactulose in the cupboard ,,,,,

I hope things are improving for you,,and the hospital and your own gp are doing their best to get your conditions sorted out,,,,fingers are crossed for you,,ask ArchAngel Raphael for some healing,,,,,ttfn from Karen.

kazzy22 in reply to Scouser58

Thanks for the advice and all week I have been praying to archangel Raphael to cure me I also believe our angels are there to help if we ask them hopefully I am communicating wit them not sure if they can hear me but thanks

Hello kazzy22,,,,,yes the angels are all around us,,,all day and everyday,,,,maybe lighting a candle, to illuminate your prayers and requests for help,,, it is not only what you ask and but how you ask them,,,,,keep up the positive outlook,,,ttfn from Karen.

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