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Collected The Cushion...Spent Some Cash...


We went to collect the cushion's actually for a wheelchair...nurse didn't tell me that, she just said it was a cushion.

It's classed as a 'high risk' cushion...probably because I'm so bony since losing so much weight.

I wouldn't be saying it's lovely...has a wipe clean cover in case you pee on it...might make a patchwork cover for it actually...won't look so old ladyish then.

Bought myself an adult colouring book and a set of colouring pencils...mine have broken lead which is annoying...everytime I sharpened them the lead fell off.

Then we went to Lidls and I had a bit of a spree...there were some very pretty storage boxes, made from cardboard, though not so as you'd notice...a pack of beautiful craft paper, too nice to's thick and glossy, incredibly good quality for the price. Himself made me get one of those pillows that are said to be good for your neck...and I bought a huge pineapple.

Day long sunshine which made for a very pleasant change...there were lambs skipping about in the fields...and they've been laying tarmac on our bridge.

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You seem to have had a good day Vashti and the cushion will be fine with a nice cover on it.

Wishing you well. Xxx

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Hello Sassy...It was a good day 'cos I haven't been out for weeks...the sunshine was a lovely bonus though it's rained again today!

Hi Vashti, sounds like you had a very enjoyable day spending some money!

Hope you like your new cushion.

The sun being out makes everything look better, doesn't it?

I have some adult colouring books & pencils but recently I downloaded a couple of colouring apps to my phone. They are so addictive! I love them!

Take care 🌹

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Hello Jessy...I'm pleased with my colouring book...there's a good mix of flowers and birds and some abstracts as's a pleasant way to spend some time.


Sounds like a good day out and with little goodies too. Now you have your pillow and cushion and pineapple - that would not last long in my house...and you have seen the new lambs - and another bonus - sun all day. lovely lovely lovely.

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Hello A1...that pillow is dreadful! Like trying to lie on a lump of wood...gave it to Himself...he said it was grand...I'll wait and see how long he sticks with

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Oh poo - how was it supposed to help you?

So pleased you have got your cushion,and enjoyed your day out, just to see lambs skipping about lets us know Spring is round the corner.

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Hello was lovely yesterday...back to pouring rain today though...must be Spring soon.

Hi Vashti, sounds like you had a nice day, I love shopping though it leaves me tired for the rest of the day. A patch work cover is a great idea for your cushion and hopefully you will find it helps when Himself pushes you over the bumps eh!😆

I was pointing out the lambs to my Grandson Danny today and he was amused, he's 13 now he keeps reminding me 😃🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑

Pineapples are excellent for your lungs I hear!🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍

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It was nice Huffer...but like you, it makes me seriously tired afterwards...just have to remember to eat the pineapple before it goes soggy...!

Oh look Danny...lambs! While Danny raises his eyebrows...and heaves a sigh!

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Exactly Vashti! and he is so utterly delicious! 😆💜😀🐑

sounds like you had a busy day lucky you with the sunshine we had snow then hail then rain then turned to snow again then little bit of sun more rain then turned to snow again then just dry with a cold breeze and I guessing a frost to night as see the gritter go by earlier ,

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Hello Malcolm...if it's any comfort today has been foul!

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sounds like we swapped today sunny most of day with blue sky but very cold ,

When the sun is out and the lambs are skipping about its makes us feel better.

Apart from the cushion, wipe clean, I had a normal sleeping bag I would slip my Mum into, as the zip goes almost right round so no hazzel being cosy. This saves blankets getting tangled in the wheels plus you can hide things inside the bag!

Audrey Jersey

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Hello I take it that you and your Mum used to go shop-lifting

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Gosh....she could have and I would never have noticed! The wee bugger! She died 2006 l was fortunate to have spent her last three years together. She was not nice to me when l was young as she preferred her Sons! Anyway at the end they had provided the financial support and l the emotional one....l was privileged!

We did make amends before the end. Audrey Jersey.

"there were lambs skipping about in the fields...and they've been laying tarmac on our bridge"

Surely the tar will get into their wool? ;)

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Oooo're on the ball!

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Lambs laying tarmac eggs came to my mind lol!

Glad you enjoyed your day out Vashti, sounds like my kind of day xxx

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Thank you made such a nice change...haven't been out for ages apart from the

Glad you had a good day and hope himself enjoys the cushion, lol.

What a lovely day out. My son has a square foam cushion, covered in suede. I don't know where he got it from though. The sleeping bag is a good idea, a child size one would be nice and snug and you could roll the top over.

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