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Chest infection


Hi went to doc as I thought I had flu was weak dizzy bit of a cough breathless and chest pain he said I have a chest infection put my on anti biotics and steroids 3 days ago. I'm not much better can barely walk without getting breathless and chest still hurts I had double pnunomia a few years ago my breathing and chest pains feel like it did then. Just wondering should I go back to doc or wait another few days see if it clears up

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The antibiotics need time to work. I would give it until you have finished them then go back if you still feel ill. Rest is good.

Hello. I would go back to dr. Not worth taking chances with your health. Hope you feel better soon.

Hi kazzy, might it be a good idea to phone your GP tomorrow and tell them how you feel as in a few days time it will be the weekend.

Especially as you have had double pneumonia in the past.

Take care

Thanks all I think I will call him tomorrow as I got a cert for 3 days and am due to go back to work Friday, night shift feeling like I am now I don't think I'll be able to go back


I know how you feel if you not started to feel better after 3 days...

I've been in that situation and have gone back and asked for a different course. and got it.

No harm in trying to talk to your doctor again...see what he/she says.


Don't mess around kazzy, if you feel it could be pneumonia go straight to A&E.

They will do a chest X ray and get you on stronger antibiotics and may even keep you in.

I had a similar experience with double pneumonia which turned to ARDS and now Pulmonary Fibrosis.

Don't take any chances when a simple x ray could save your life 👌

I would go back now instead of waiting! I woke up with a bit of a cough and very breathless, called my Pulmonologist and went straight into to see him. An x-Ray showed pneumonia. It sounds like you know your body too! Antibiotics and steroids should have kicked in after 3 days. Please call your doctor, it is better to be safe, we can't afford to gamble in our situation.

I hope you are feeling better soon!


Hi I agree with everyone,I don't think you should wait any longer. I was once on a life support machine with a severe chest infection,that I didn't even know I had.

So if I was you I'd take no chances,you know your body best. If possible I'd go to A&E,where you can be checked out properly. Then at least you would have piece of mind.

hi thanks everybody, i went back to doc he gave me another course of anti biotics which has really helped thank god, mind you i have really bad headaches past 3 days which i am putting down to all the coughing. but starting to feel better. thanks again to all your advise x

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